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Top Trends That Might Shape Your B2B Strategy


Posted by Brian Thomas - 06 June, 2019

How to Use LinkedIn Video Marketing for B2B

Video content is arguably the most important digital advertising tool for businesses today. It brings marketers closer to their audience and allows them to tell an engaging story.

Since the launch of Linkedin video ads, this April targeted video ads on the platform cater for both a professional audience and B2B marketers.

A huge update for the platform video for sponsored content is already seeing impressive success stories, building brand awareness and enhancing B2B marketing strategy.

Why Linkedin Video Ads are Important

Linkedin video ads let businesses tell their story and a staggering 90% of online marketers say that video has helped their product decision-making process.

Having this marketing tool on Linkedin means that business can view videos targeted to them about products they need on a platform that they are already using for business purposes.

Paired with a good overall social media strategy video builds meaningful relationships and can enhance and retain existing business relationships while building new ones.

What Sponsored Content Can do For Business

Linkedin video ads can help a business achieve their marketing objectives across the funnel by:

  • Targeting ads to business that are right for your products
  • Creating brand awareness with visual stories
  • Drive traffic both on the web and through mobile
  • Gather high-quality leads and insights to enhance future content strategies

How Video Content Can Help Improve Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn video ads let users monitor the performance of their video content in an easy to use dashboard.

Video ads serve to inform, educate and ultimately convert.

When a business decides what their main goal for video is they can monitor and analyze the results and take key insights from the findings to help improve their content.

Video advertising is a medium which will continue to grow and is predicted to account for 80% of all online traffic by 2020.  Linkedin video ads will now play a key role in a company’s marketing objectives and adding it to the overall marketing mix is a great way to better inform.



Why Metrics Matter

Generally, campaign measurements are based on objectives like:

  • Brand awareness (tell users what your product is)
  • Brand consideration (why your product is unique)
  • Demand generation (why someone needs your product). 

Metrics are key for truly gauging the success of a campaign and considering video views on the internet are some of the most valuable, deciding how and what to base your metrics on is crucial.

When it comes to brand awareness impressions and full video views are the most important. For brand consideration, the view rates, completion rates by quartile, clicks, and full-screen plays are important drivers in insight.

And, finally, demand generation, as measured by conversion rates, leads, and cost per conversion.

Understanding what you want to achieve and not losing sight of objectives, and in turn monitoring, the correct metrics will help to better engage the right type of businesses with your video ads.  Always plan video content based on your objective.


Attract Initial Followers to Build Your Video Content

Video content can be expensive and before the process of creating it make sure your business page has established connections, a lot of businesses will already have these, but if it’s a new platform build your following by providing useful content for your employees.

They're your biggest promoters and most likely to share your content with their feed and networks.

Then, promote your Company Page outside the organization. Invite customers and other key partners to become followers. Use your other marketing resources, to attract them.

Tips to Create Video Content that Works

Having Linkedin video as a new platform is all well and good, but using it to its full advantage to see returns is just as important. If you've decided to create a video in-house or using a marketing agency follow a simple set of guidelines for the best result:

  • Show users the important bits in the first ten seconds – drop off can be high after this point
  • Keep content concise and focus on the storytelling in a visual manner
  • Always have a clear focus on customer needs – why is what you are selling benefitting them
  • Always imagine your customers are watching a video without sound (studies show that 80% of the target audience will watch the video muted)
  • Keep videos short

If you think that video on Linkedin is right for you they have created an informative tutorial that showcases the product offering and provides invaluable insights into best practices. 

Or, if you’re struggling with your overall goals and objectives ready our guide on social media strategies here and see what they can do for you.

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About the Author: Michelle Lambert is a passionate blogger, who writes a lot for a unique service EduBirdie. She is an expert when it comes to LinkedIn platform and the promotion ways they suggest. Her knowledge will help you make your company wisely-promoted.

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