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How to Use Your E-Commerce for Sales Enablement

Topics: B2B eCommerce, Sales/Marketing & Customer Service

E-commerce is a flourishing industry of the digital era. With the increasing international acceptance and adaption of e-commerce by business, having a well-established e-commerce website is also important. The idea of having an online business store has revolutionized the enterprise to a greater extent. Since an e-commerce website helps in getting a better understanding of the customer and client’s needs, it has emerged as one of the most sophisticated ways of doing business.

A great e-commerce site not only provides the users and the entrepreneur with better opportunities for customer interaction but it also helps them in improving the sales and the profits rate. Nonetheless, when it comes to enhancing the overall company performance indicators, sales rate play a crucial role in that. Therefore it has become inevitably crucial for the e-commerce websites to broaden their market, widen their customer base and increase their sales rate and trade flow.

Enabling increased sales to require implementation of different sales and business methodologies and strategies which in turn helps the business in widening the development prospects and growth opportunities.

Managing Sales Enablement

ecommerce sales

Whether you are new to the online business world or have been in it for years, you might have heard the term sales enablement and its significance. Sales enablement has been one of the highly-debated aspects of sales strategies. Although it is not a new concept, there still remain a little confusions and misconceptions about it—whether it is a trendy company buzzword or the axiom that actually benefits the businesses with considerable sales and profits.

To put it simply, sales enablement enables the sales people to sell and trade more efficiently and successfully. Sales enablement is related to providing the sales team with the proper tools, content, and information to keep the customers engaged throughout the trade procedures.

Relevant and updated information plays a pivotal role in successful sales enablement. This information can be a customer-related content, trade practices and methods and sales tools. No matter what type or form of information you use, it must be easily understandable and reusable.

Sales enablement is all about introducing better and sophisticated tools, methods and processes to your sales team to not only improve their selling abilities but also to increase the company’s ROIs. Sales enablement tools help in equipping the sales team with the information and data to make successful sale deals and in earning more revenues.

Strategizing Sales Enablement

Ever since the integration of technologically advanced tools and apps in the business, the paradigms of every business aspect have changed to a much greater extent. Not only technology made the business world accessible and available at all times, but rather it also helped the businesses in easing up of tough business processes and activities. Be it marketing or sales; technology has made the business world sophisticated and open to all.

Most of the B2B SaaS business organizations and companies count on the finalization of enterprise deals for a business earning, optimization of sales enablement strategy holds great significance in the acquisition of better growth opportunities. The major role of a marketer is to convert the likely business prospects to relevant buyers through efficient and cost-effective ways. For moving the potential customers through the sales funnel faster and more effectively, you need a well-constituted sales enablement strategy.

Marketing Funnel

When it comes to successful and productive sales enablement, you need to consider a few attributes that are a crucial part of every strong sales enablement strategy.


The goals and objectives of every sales enablement strategy are quite clear and straightforward. The chief reason for incorporating a sales enablement strategy in your business processes is to equip the sales team with appropriate resources and tools.

Proper Resourcing

The targets of sales enablement strategy are more about customer engagement and less about product selling and trade. The chief purpose of using sales enablement is to arm the salespersons with every resource and tools that they need to maximize buyer engagement and produce profitable deals. In other words, necessary resourcing is not about providing the team with every effective sale tool; it’s all about giving the sales team the resources needed by the buyers and clients.

Relevant Information

Sales enablement strategy is about determining what you provide your sales team with. The provided resources usually come in the form of information. This information can be categorized as the content provided to the customers and buyers and the best methodologies, research practices, and tools that will be used for sales.

Proper Utilization

Proper usage is one of the defining aspects of a successful and workable sales enablement strategy. For that very reason, many companies have introduced training and development programs for effective and improved sales results. Most of these programs consist of conventional training approaches but also use technologically advanced collaboration tools for smooth and seamless training.

Usability Design

One chief principle of sales enablement is to empower the sales teams irrespective of the size of the sales department and team. For that, you have to ensure that your provided resources are not only easy to use and implement. Ease of use and implementation helps in improving its usability and increases the chances of its reusability. This will only be possible if your particular resources are of high-quality and offer uncomplicated usage.

Track And Monitor The Resources

The key element which determined the success of every sales enablement strategy depends on the maximum utilization of each resource by the sale team. The best sales enablement strategy not only provides the sales team with the best resource; instead, it also ensures and monitors the enforcement of every resource across the organization. Determining what’s useful and what’s not helps in optimizing the strategy and defining the future sales enablement efforts.

Metrics Measurement

Measuring metrics

Once you have decided all the resources and utilized each resource, it’s time to introduce the last defining and most important aspect of sales enablement strategy which is metric measurement. Some of the crucial metrics that should track and include in your strategy are average sale cycle length, average deal size and a number of representatives accomplishing the quota.

To have a better comprehension of what sales enablement is and the purpose, it crucial to have a clear idea about who the customer is and what are his needs and requirements. A successful and effective sales enablement strategy is customer-oriented and is well-targeted towards the potential prospects.

A great sales enablement strategy introduces sales democracy which means that the organization is no longer depended on a few sales representatives to make successful deals and achieve quota. Sales enablement extends the sales scalability beyond the dependency of a few over-achievers. It facilitates every sales person with equally great practices, tools, resources, and practices.

Empowering Your Site through Sales Enablement

The secret to massive revenue and profit growth is to optimize the sales funnel by enabling your site for better and overall results. Enlisted below are some of the aspects that you should work on when it comes to site optimization through sales enablement:

Engaging Content

An engaging online content not only increases your visibility and strengthens your presence, but rather it also converts the potential prospects into future loyal customers. Many marketers use metrics like email open rate, visits, conversion rate and cost per download to measure the success. However, these metrics tell an incomplete story about the perceptions of people.

Using sales enablement tools can help you in getting better insights into public perceptions. Creating two or more versions of your content using a different style, layout designs, and content structures can help you in better lead generation and customer engagement.

Lead Generation

Creating e-books might actually be one of the best ways to improve the interaction with the customers. But without sales enablement tools the only option for interaction is writing up a mail which at times can require additional endeavors.

The simplest way to significant user interaction is to include auto pop-up contact forms inside the documents which prompt the users to take action. Another great way to do that is to include live chat feature on your landing pages for significant lead generation and conversion.

Build Dynamic Documents

Many surveys and reports have shown that most of the digital marketers share and prefer dynamic content which includes diverse documents, videos, and webpages. To combine dynamically in your documents, sales enablement tools are used to integrate various types of media in a seamless fashion. A well-combine document consisting of different media tells a coherent story and ensures a better user experience.


Sales enablement is the joint endeavor of both the sales and marketing teams. Sales promptness is all about ensuring that every sale representative has become proficient at the practices and required techniques needed to beat the competition. Sales enablement is all about understanding the way your prospects make purchase decisions. Aligning the objectives and targets of sales and marketing teams is crucial for providing the users and customers with a great purchase journey.

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