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Posted by Laura Gayle - 16 November, 2018

How to Use Your Website to Brand Your Business

When you want to grow and expand your business so that you can enjoy enhanced profitability, you will need to focus on the long term. You can build your brand if you provide excellent products and services, but that is only half of the battle. You must also have a branding strategy for your website if you don't want to get left behind. 

A well-executed brand strategy will allow business to increase prices because customers gain a perceived benefit from what you sell or offer that is different from the generic products found elsewhere. If a brand provides a high-quality product and service, consumers won’t mind paying a premium. 

Plan Ahead

Branding for the future of your business

You won't want to change your logo, image or vision every other week when you are trying to build your brand, so you will need to craft a plan. The logo that you choose now will likely be with you for the lifetime of your business, and you must pick something that represents the vision and values for which you stand.

 If you don't know if you are happy with your current image, you will need to decide on a path before you put in the effort to brand your website. Although your logo and other brand imagery can evolve and improve over time, the basic concept should remain the same. 

Use Your Logo on Each Page

The logo that you use for your business will serve as the visual representation of your brand and mission. People will think of your products, quality, customer service and more each time they view your logo, but getting to that point will take some work.

Exposing your visitors to your logo frequently will help viewers associate a name or look to a specific offering. It is common to place a logo on the top of each webpage, blog and sales page when you would like to get the most from your effort.  Do not overuse the image or make it too large. The goal is to increase branding without disrupting the viewer's experience on your site or make the site seem like a giant advertisement as that will ruin the credibility of your content.

Use a Consistent Layout

Even though they might not know about it, the layout of your website will impact how people perceive your brand, and using that fact to your advantage will provide you with impressive results. Some people make the mistake of using different layouts for their web pages, but doing so can confuse their visitors and reduce the ability to navigate throughout the site, which puts a negative connotation to your brand. 

When someone is happy with a purchase or enjoys one of your blog posts, they will associate their positive emotions with the look of your website. Using the same layout and design on all of your pages will remind them of their experience and increase their odds of buying from you.

Develop a Content Strategy

Content marketing for B2B websites

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Getting your prospects to view your company as a helpful and caring expert is a smart way to boost your sales and grow. If you want to reach that goal, offer as much value as you can by developing and implementing a content strategy. You can publish blog posts, release articles and create guides that show people how they can overcome their problems. Strive to explain everything in simple terms to prevent your audience from getting confused or losing interest. 

You can take this tip to the next level by showing people how they can test your ideas and see positive changes right away. When you do so, they will feel excited to buy your products or services because they will know that you keep your promises and offer real solutions. To add the final touch, remember to use your logo on each piece of content that you publish.

Encourage Engagement

A good design and offering value at every step will work wonders for building your brand, but it won’t get you the best results possible. If you want to improve your effectiveness and ensure that your prospects don’t forget about you, encourage them to engage with your website.

You can socialize with prospects and customers by utilizing several online platforms to increase the awareness about your company. Social media can play an essential role in any marketing campaign to expand brand awareness as well as increase web traffic.

Comment sections, social share buttons, and discussion forums are great ways to get your prospects to interact with your website and each other. Having an interactive site will put you at the front of their minds and give them a reason to keep coming back.  

Use Email Marketing

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You can take many steps to entice people to return to your website or blog, but not everyone will remember to come back. Failing to address that problem is the same as leaving money on the table, and you will want to avoid that mistake if you value the bottom line. Branded communication should not stop at your website, ask for information from your readers to take the conversation to a new medium.

Some people will be reluctant to give their contact information to you, but there are standard tactics to overcome that roadblock and enhance your opt-in rate, offer a free guide or special discount tas incentive for people to sign up. You will need to focus on adding value if you don't want to turn people away.

Track Your Results

Rather than implementing a branding strategy and hoping for the best, consider tracking your analytics so that you can see how much progress you have made. The cost of getting people to your website, your opt-in rate, and your conversion rate are just a few of the things that you can monitor when you want to get a clear picture. As you continue to grow your brand, you will notice gradual improvements in your analytics over time. 

Final Thoughts

A brand is far more than just a logo, but it is a great place to start. As you look into growing your revenues and offering to be sure to focus on brand consistency across all mediums that are customer facing. Brand colors, unique selling propositions, and design standards all play a crucial role in how your products are perceived in the consumers' eyes. 

Once a brand is established, look into growing revenues through digital commerce.

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