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Posted by Michael Noble - 16 September, 2021

How to Cultivate a Successful Product Page

There are so many people out there online but most traffic just doesn’t convert. On average 50% of people spend less than 15 seconds looking at any given page. That’s an awfully short time for those trying to sell online! It should come as no surprise that you need to create a product page that is outstanding in every way. Every single second in the customer journey matters a great deal.

In order to give your visitors what they need and to capture their attention, you’re going to need to capitalize on some essential elements. Let’s take a look at what makes an amazing product page and how you can write one.


Create and Write Your Own

Sometimes it is best to try and avoid word for word descriptions that the manufacturer has provided. When you write your own words, this can actually work a lot in your favor because Google’s search engine algorithms will not penalize your content for being duplicated. In this way, your site will stand out. This method also ensures that you can write a product description which is true and which converts with your target customer.


One of the biggest mistakes is that people write too much on their product pages. You should have some great design and your text should be as simple as possible to read – this cannot be stressed enough. If we're thinking back to the amount of time that a prospective customer spends on a webpage, this should hone in the point even more. Having just two or three sentences to describe the product at hand allows customers to receive any information in a quick manner so that they can make a purchase immediately. If you have a lot of information, use bullet points and write things in a simple manner. As an example, if you are advertising a laptop, write all the spec in bullet points that are easy to read. 

Knowing Your Target Audience

You have a unique opportunity to relate to the target audience, so know who they are and write what they want to hear. As an example, if you are selling some comical products, you could inject a certain amount of humor into your writing. Your text could be playful and light so that customers who are buying your comical products appreciate an entertaining description. Humor isn’t always the solution of course, but this is one instance where you understand your target audience and write according to who they are.

Optimization of Product Descriptions

What does it mean to optimize one’s product description? Make your product descriptions fit for search engine optimization. Use relevant keywords to your product within the descriptions and think about which keywords you should be targeting. It’s also important to think about the length of the description, so what is the perfect length? Keywords also need to be placed correctly, so make sure you know where and how often to place them. There are a few key things to do when you’re optimizing your product descriptions:

  • Write your descriptions for buyers, not for bots and algorithms.
  • Research the correct keywords and use them in the correct way within your product description.
  • Hone in on the benefits and features of the product.

 When you are optimizing, you always want to ask yourself if it helps the product buyer, if it informs them and if it helps them make a decision. If your description is doing all of these three things, you’re well on your way!


Telling A Story

Make your product appealing by telling the story. This is a great way to capitalize on human emotion to make sales. You could have a story of why your customer needs the product in order to solve the problem, a story about some of the benefits of the product or maybe just an entertaining story about how the product draws a customer in. If it is a service on sale such as an academic writing service, write about how they can help. Get creative - there are many things that you can do.

Split Testing

All of your product descriptions should be split tested in order to see what works best. Test different lengths, formats, words and much more. By using split testing, you can really optimize your product page. All of this is going to significantly turbocharge your conversion rate.

Final Details

Once all the hard work is done, do not forget to look for typos and any spelling errors. Something like this will really ruin any efforts that you put in, so be aware. Make sure that whenever a prospective customer lands on your website, they have all the relevant information they need to purchase. Help them out as much as you can in order to ultimately help yourself.


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