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What You Don't Know About Automating A/R Financing May Blow You Away

Posted by Michael Noble - 11 April, 2022

Innovation in Credit and A/R Tech Reduces DSO to a Day

Billions of dollars in invoices are processed digitally each year through A/R automation platforms like Billtrust and High Radius. This type of software generates powerful cost and time savings, reducing invoice processing costs by an average of 81% and increasing processing speed by an average of 77%. However, that’s just the start of the story. Innovation in digitalizing credit and A/R has moved beyond standard automation.

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Apruve is the only provider that combines A/R automation with financed credit programs.

Apruve’s transformative A/R technology helps forward-thinking accounting and finance professionals drive greater revenue predictability and measurably improve their organization’s liquidity. Apruve can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with platforms like Billtrust and HighRadius. 

Impact of Guaranteed Next-Day Financing

Apruve partners with some of the world’s most trusted lenders to enable automated, guaranteed next-day financing on all open invoices. One of the highest-value use cases for this type of program is managing credit and A/R for a large cohort of smaller customers - the 80% of customers that bring in just 20% of the revenue. When Apruve handles these more routine, lower-value transactions, DSO can be reduced to one day with this cohort, driving greater revenue predictability. At the same time, companies save 30% to 50% on the cost of managing A/R for these customers in-house.

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Standardizing and streamlining transactional activities with Apruve modernizes the purchasing experience. Credit pre-qualification and onboarding typically take less than three minutes, and buyers can select the payment type that best suits their business from a range of options. They can view purchase history, set up autopay, and create purchasing teams via the buyer portal. The ease and efficiency of the digital buying experience encourages buyers to increase their relationship with companies using financed credit and A/R automation.

The Solution for Overworked, Understaffed A/R Teams

For A/R teams stretched to the max, automating the procure-to-pay process leads to dual benefits: Work overload is alleviated, and the team has time to provide better service to their tier-one customers. In addition, with improved credit and A/R service to all customers, sales teams devote less time to collections and can focus more on selling.  

At Apruve, automating the procure-to-pay process isn’t about pushing new technology on an A/R team. We are helping our clients’ A/R teams succeed every day by doing more with less. They’re improving cash flow with one-day DSO, and enhancing service for customers of all sizes. Apruve transforms the way organizations leverage technology, human talent and lending resources for better bottom-line business results.   

Planning to expand to global markets this year? Watch for our next blog where we’ll talk about using financed credit and A/R automation to expand credit offerings in new markets and across borders.

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Apruve enables large enterprises to automate long-tail credit and A/R so you can stop spending 80% of your time and resources on 20% of your revenue. We partner with each of our customers to solve their unique credit, payment, and accounts receivable challenges and build the right credit solutions for your markets, customers, and goals. 

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