Is Your A/R Team Keeping Up with Your B2B Buyers?

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Is Your A/R Team Keeping Up with Your B2B Buyers?

How well do you know the minds of your B2B buyers post-COVID? With the shift to digital-only during the pandemic, the trend in consumerization of the B2B procurement experience took hold. Your organization could be falling behind your customers’ expectations. Here’s what B2B buyers are thinking:

80% of B2B decision-makers say they prefer digital self-service or remote human interactions when ordering and reordering.

36% of B2B buyers say their biggest frustration this past year with buying online is that purchasing takes too long.

$50K-$500K/order is the amount B2B buyers are willing to spend per order using end-to-end digital self-service or remote human interactions.

If your A/R team hasn’t automated credit and A/R processes, now is the time.

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Meet the Market with Intelligent Long-Tail Credit & A/R Automation

In the 1970s, ATMs transformed the banking industry by automating high-volume, repetitive, lower-value transactions. Customers gained fast, convenient access to their cash, 24/7.

Many of today’s B2B buyers are looking for that simple, convenient online experience. And like banks, many large enterprises have a large customer segment (called the long-tail) characterized by routine, repetitive, lower-value transactions. It’s the classic 80/20 rule – 80% of customers are driving only 20% of the business.

Apruve is like an ATM for A/R. Reducing the cost to process lower-value transactions through business process automation.

Like ATMs, Apruve is transforming long-tail credit and A/R processes with intelligent automation, allowing large enterprises to reduce the time and resources needed to manage credit and A/R for their smaller, long-tail accounts. The Apruve Payment Platform creates a standardized and simplified buying experiences that meet customers’ expectations for: 

  • Rapid credit approvals

  • Multiple payment options

  • Multi-lingual invoices and emails

  • Self-service control through buyer portals

With the high-volume, lower-value transactions handled by Apruve's intelligent automation, A/R teams can concentrate on servicing the 20% of customers that generate the most revenue. As ATMs did for tellers, Apruve refocuses the role of A/R teams on relationship-building activities and value-adding goals.

3 Ways Apruve Advances Large Enterprise Credit & A/R

Intelligent long-tail business process automation delivers tangible process improvements and measurable results. With Apruve,

  • Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) reduces to 1 day. That’s not an empty promise; 1-day DSO is standard for all long-tail customers – it’s how our platform is built.

  • Fixed costs reduces by 30%-50%. With 80% of invoice volume managed without manual work or intervention, your A/R team’s time and effort cuts nearly in half and your back-office overhead can decrease significantly.

  • Credit decisioning is off your plate. Apruve can prequalify existing long-tail B2B buyers and underwrite new buyers in as little as 3 minutes. It’s a fast and easy process for B2B buyers and it lifts the credit decisioning burden from A/R teams. In addition, Apruve manages all outreach including collections to those long-tail customers via the buyer portal.

Take Apruve's Long-Tail Credit & A/R Challenge

To learn more about A/R efficiency and how automation fits into your organization, download our whitepaper: Transforming Credit and Payments Through Intelligent Automation or to take the Apruve Long-Tail Credit & A/R Challenge, where if we don't uncover an ROI of 25% or more within your company, we will donate $5000 to a charity of your choice click here.


Apruve enables large enterprises to automate long-tail credit and A/R so you can stop spending 80% of your time and resources on 20% of your revenue. We partner with each of our customers to solve their unique credit, payment, and accounts receivable challenges and build the right credit solutions for your markets, customers, and goals. 

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