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Posted by Brett Romero - 07 August, 2019

10 Digital Marketing Interview Tips

After pouring countless hours into studying, test-taking, and skill building, you’re ready to start a lucrative career in digital marketing! But before you can put your newfound knowledge to work, you’ll need to pass the job interview.

It’s not as easy as it often seems.

Even if you meet all the qualifications and submit a decent resume, your chances of landing the job are slim if your recruiter can’t tell you apart from one candidate to the next.

As a recent grad, it’s hard to build yourself up since you don’t have much to show other than your college degree. That’s why it’s all the more important to find other ways to stand out in your interview and make you unforgettable!

Whether you’re a recent grad or looking for a career change, put these 10 interview tips into practice to land your dream job in digital marketing:

#1 - Dig Into the Company’s Social Media Channels

Pretty young woman holding colorful social media icons balloonAny digital marketing job is likely to cover social media in some form. Check out the social channels of the company you’re interviewing for to get a real for their brand and marketing techniques.

Be prepared to talk about a post or video that stood out to you, what attracted you specifically, or how you might improve it.

This move is beneficial to both sides. For the company, it shows they have a candidate who’s interested and familiar with their brand. And for you, the interviewee, you get a look at what makes the company tick so you can see how you might play into their team.

#2 - Build Your Online Presence

It’s blasphemy to apply for a digital marketing job if you can’t master the art of the online presence yourself.

Though you might not have much to build your brand around just yet, it’s better to have some form of a public online presence than none.

Start with your professional LinkedIn profile. Add a professional headshot, your college information, achievements, and experience, if any. If appropriate, you might also create a YouTube channel, blog, or Tumblr account and share these on your resume or application.

Whatever channels you choose, make sure your content highlights your best skills and reflects the type of job you’re hoping to land.

Companies will relish the fact that you’ve put effort into creating your own digital brand. It makes you look a step above college grad and almost immediately puts you into the role of professional marketer.

#3 - Get Comfortable With Data

Reading and analyzing data are two mainstays of any digital marketer. As a recent graduate, you may not have had much chance to get comfortable reading and interpreting data, but that needs to change if you want a leg up in your next interview.

marketing toolsStarting your own blog or website is the easiest way to understand how data is collected and used in marketing. Install Google Analytics on your website, watch the results roll in, and discover how to take away information from what you collect.

Your experience with data can provide an excellent talking point in a digital marketing interview and give you a more experienced appeal.

#4 - Find Connections Via the Company’s LinkedIn Profile

Scope out the company’s LinkedIn profile to see if you have any connections there. If so, they may be able to put in a good word for you or put your name in front of the right people.

If you have second or third generation connections, see if you can turn them into personal contacts. A little networking is never a bad idea, plus it can help you meet other people that can lead to different opportunities if the one you’re applying for falls through.

#5 - Be Specific When Sharing Your Stories

Digital marketing companies often rely on past experiences to see how you’d fit their mold moving forward. As a college graduate, you’re likely going to rely on class projects, internships, or your own projects like personal blogs and websites to shape your capabilities.

Take some time to choose a few specific projects that highlight your best skills and make you look good. With four years or more of college classes and assignments, it can be easy to flounder when looking for a specific story that will fit with the interviewer’s questions. Thinking about this ahead of time can save you from freezing on the spot.

#6 - Let Your Personality Shine

Not all interviews have to be boring or stiff. Behind every brand are real people with emotions, styles, and even humor. Infusing your personality into your interview gives them a chance to see the real You and can help them remember you once you leave their office.

#7 - Prepare Your Own Questions

No interview should be one-sided. Think of some in-depth questions ahead of time that aren’t likely to be covered in the interview but shows you’re interested in the position. Try to avoid questions that have obvious answers you could have found yourself by researching online.

#8 - Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

social mediaSocial media is increasingly becoming a useful tool when screening candidates.

Over 70% of companies rely on channels like Facebook and Twitter to weed out applicants.

If your feed is filled with obscenities, photos of frat parties, or an unprofessional moniker, you may never make it to the interview process. Use your social media accounts to your benefit.

#9 - Practice Your Interview Skills

Basic interview skills apply regardless of the actual position. Speak clearly and at a comfortable volume. Arrive a few minutes early. Dress professionally.

Also, do some research into common interview questions and practice your answers. The more cool and collected you are, the more professional you appear.

#10 - Don’t Try to Over-Impress

Most recruiters can spot obvious attempts to impress. Using industry buzzwords or jargon or spouting off everything you know about digital marketing doesn’t always help you. In fact, it can make you look desperate.

Let your skills and passion speak for themselves.

Put these tips into motion so you can land the digital marketing job you deserve!


How can you get a digital marketing job?

1. Dig into social media

2. Build an online presence

3. Data

4. Connect on LinkedIn

5. Be specific

6. Leverage your personality

7. Prepare your own questions

8. Clean up your social profiles

9. Practice interviewing

10. Don't try to over impress

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