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Meet New B2B Expectations with Financed Credit & A/R Automation

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Business and market turbulence in the past two years has led to rapidly changing expectations for finance and accounting professionals. What B2B customers expect today - and what company leaders need from their credit and A/R teams - often can’t be fulfilled with manual processes or outdated business practices. Here’s a look at new expectations – external and internal – for B2B transactional activities, and how to meet them with financed credit and A/R automation. 

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Expectation: Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

For the average U.S. business, nearly a quarter of monthly revenue is caught in accounts receivable. That’s a cash flow issue organizations haven’t been able to solve. Part of the ongoing challenge is that manual A/R processes lead to DSOs 30% longer than in companies that leverage credit and A/R automation.

A/R teams are decreasing DSO to just one day, and eliminating Days Beyond Term (DBT) with Apruve. Apruve is financed credit and A/R automation that standardizes and accelerates B2B transactional activities. Apruve can integrate with A/R platforms like Billtrust and High Radius, but takes innovation further with intelligent technology that improves liquidity and increases revenue predictability. With Apruve, companies reduce DSO to one and fixed credit and A/R costs and resources by up to 50%.  Learn more about credit and A/R innovation with Apruve. 

Expectation: Extend net terms.

In a recent Salesforce report, 82% of U.S. buyers said they expect the same customer experience with B2B purchases as they do with B2C. Given the complexity of B2B transactions, it’s a tough expectation to meet. On top of that, B2B buyers ask more than 50% of businesses for extended terms. 

With Apruve, A/R teams are meeting high expectations for ecommerce with net terms, buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) programs and net financing options directly from the checkout. They can also offer an end-to-end digital purchasing experience so fast, simple and convenient that B2B buyers are motivated to increase both purchase frequency and AOV. Find out more about growing ecommerce sales with Apruve through embedded net terms.  

Expectation: Expand internationally.

Nearly half (45%) of large enterprise organizations are pursuing global business expansion as a strategy for long-term growth. Their A/R teams are challenged to expand credit and A/R capabilities in new markets that often have different languages, currencies and taxes.

Apruve reduces the complexity and the risk of extending credit to international customers. With a global credit network of trusted lenders in 40 countries and growing, Apruve acts as the single provider across markets. With Apruve, A/R teams can implement online credit programs internationally in their customers’ preferred currency and language, eliminating the need to add local A/R staff. Learn more about capturing international market share with Apruve. 

Expectation: Digital relationships with suppliers and business partners.

Marketplaces capitalize on B2B buyer and seller preferences for making purchases and interacting with business partners online. Their A/R teams are expected to make B2B transactional activities not just digital, but simple, efficient and convenient.  

For long-standing marketplaces as well as newcomers, Apruve offers a new opportunity to monetize with an embedded B2B credit program. Buyers experience streamlined, digital B2B purchasing, and sellers are paid in 24 hours.  Find out how marketplaces are expanding globally with Apruve. 

Apruve is helping finance leaders and A/R teams transform credit and A/R to meet changing expectations for growth, efficiency and modern B2B buying experiences. To start building an automated, financed credit program for your organization, get in touch with the specialists at Apruve.

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Apruve enables large enterprises to automate long-tail credit and A/R so you can stop spending 80% of your time and resources on 20% of your revenue. We partner with each of our customers to solve their unique credit, payment, and accounts receivable challenges and build the right credit solutions for your markets, customers, and goals. 

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