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Posted by Brett Romero - 28 August, 2019

Mobile B2B eCommerce App Trends For Your Business

If we go back 15 years ago, when the eCommerce industry has just appeared, shop owners thought about website development since they didn’t know whether they needed to create it or not. Of course, today you don’t even think about it - a website is a must-have thing to promote sales, be successful and competitive.

But in addition to a website, mobile eCommerce app also gains momentum. That is why you cannot ignore mobile apps and you need to build a mobile version if you want to remain competitive. Besides that, there are many technologies that enhance the experience of users and let them surf your eCommerce software with pleasure. So you need to keep up with the latest mCommerce trends that will make your B2B app more powerful than it is. Let’s speak about it in detail. 

Why is mCommerce app beneficial? 

You probably know that nowadays the majority of all people tend to use mobile devices for purchasing something since it is very convenient. Mobile eCommerce apps make it possible to look for interesting products, compare prices, and then make a purchase quickly. Besides that, users of mobile devices tend to perform spontaneous purchases since they have a device within touch and they don’t need to go somewhere. Just a few clicks and voila!

digital wallets(source)

Also, if you don’t provide your users with a mobile version of eCommerce software, they will likely to find another provider who offers them a mobile app. And you will lose customers. So, in order to increase B2B sales, you should invest in mCommerce app development right now. 

mCommerce trends in 2019

The following trends will make your app more attractive. 


Many eCommerce companies like Lyft, Pizza Hut, etc. use chatbots to attract more customers. The matter is that many users like to write in messengers to contact their brands. That is large companies wanted to provide the customer with round-the-clock service using chatbots. 

In addition, chatbots can learn all data about customers with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular. It leads to better customer service, chatbots will know what customers need and predict their questions. 

Augmented reality

Although AR is rather new technology, it gains popularity day by day and many apps already use for their benefit. Why is AR advantageous option? First of all, users can observe a product using AR, use the 360-degree view, adding some new features. And it is more likely that they will buy it eventually. 

In addition, customers have more trust towards mCommerce app that offers them an augmented reality feature. 


What is geofencing? This mCommerce technology makes it possible for shops to find users nearby. It is a required technology if you have a physical store along with e-Store. A mobile app will send a notification to the user if he is not far from a store (you can indicate range by yourself), and it may motivate a potential customer to visit your shop and buy something. 

Omnichannel experience

In fact, this trend was popular, remain popular and will remain popular. The omnichannel approach means capturing the attention of users by all known ways like a mobile app, website, physical shops, via social media, via messengers. That is, your eCommerce business should be everywhere to gain as many customers as possible. 

Purchase through one click

If you didn’t know, Amazon had a patent on one-click purchasing technology - they used a button that you can click once and make a purchase. 

But the patent has expired almost 2 years ago, and today you can also try to integrate such a button in your B2B mCommerce app. Your users won’t need to input data again, all purchases will be performed within a few seconds. Of course, you will need to invest some money, however, this button may lead to sales growth.

Personalized experience

Content personalization becomes one of the most powerful trends in 2019. Customers prefer using apps that provide them with a personalized experience. It means machine learning algorithms collect data about customers via messengers, social media, and so on. It commits to memory all habits of users, their preferences, and then technology may predict what user needs, so it will be one more benefit for your business and customers will have more trust towards your e-Store. 

Shopping experience


Big Data

As it is clear of its name, Big Data algorithms process huge amounts of data, analyze it and predict what tendencies may become popular before they are. Thus, you will be able to be ahead of your competitors. Also, Big Data in eCommerce can compare prices and let you put the most profitable price for a specific product. 

UI and UX in mCommerce app: what you should consider

If you want your visitors to turn into customers, you should think through what features and UI/UX points should be available in your B2B mCommerce app. 

Zooming by touch

if visitors want to observe the product better, they should have an opportunity to zoom an image and look at each detail. If visitors cannot zoom a picture, they will abandon using your app and will find another eCommerce provider. That is why make sure you have this feature. Also, don’t forget to notify people that double tap on an image will let them zoom it since not all users are advanced enough to know it. 

And make sure that all product images have a high-quality resolution. 

Let visitors save items in shopping cart

In fact, it is a really big problem when users found a few items on e-Store and added it to a shopping cart, then left an app or website. A few hours (or days) later they may return to purchase they wanted, however, items weren’t saved after visitors closed a page. It is unlikely they will want to keep on using your software. So make sure all items can be saved and then a potential customer may return whenever they want and buy everything with a few clicks. 

Don’t ignore security

Notify your users about actions, where they will be redirected after clicking a specific button, visitors shouldn’t have any questions and doubts.

Use such words as “encrypted” and “secure” to let customers know that their data is under protection. But apart from words, your mCommerce app should really be protected with all required encryption protocols. 

The checkout process should be faster

Many users don’t like to check out since it requires them to spend their time. So you can offer them guest checkout as well. It means they can sign in once, make purchases and personal information won’t be stored. But if users plan to use your e-Store in the future, they should make account checkout and all information will be stored for future reuse. 

Just add a progress bar that shows how many steps left to complete the checkout - people will see that this process is not endless. 

Automated suggestions are a must-have feature

When you input word in Google search, it prompts you what you want to find and you choose your variant. That is how your mCommerce should work - when visitors want to find a specific product, automated suggestions should show up after two or three letters typed.

Also, auto-suggestions should be available in fields where personal info is needed along with payment data in case if the user had already bought something before. Mind to add error checkup feature that will ensure users don’t make mistakes in words.

Create a large search bar

Your app should have a clearly visible search bar to let people see it and start searching for a product they want. Also, search bars may have additional filters to let visitors sort out the product by specific criteria. 

Summing up, that is everything we would like to share with you. if you keep up with all trends and tips, you will surely succeed with your B2B mCommerce app and gain a real profit. Just don’t forget that everything you do - you do for customers in the first turn. 


  • Mobile eCommerce apps make it possible to look for interesting products, compare prices, and then make a purchase quickly
  • Some of the trends of 2019 mCommerce include: Chatbots, Augmented reality, Geofencing, Omnichannel Experience, and so on
  • Features to consider with UI and UX in mCommerce apps: Zooming by touch, saving items to the cart, Augmented Suggestions, and a large search bar

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Author’s bio: Vitaly Kuprenko is a technical writer at Cleveroad. It's a web and app development company in Ukraine. He enjoys telling about tech innovations and digital ways to boost businesses.

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