Online & Offline Integration for B2B Commerce

In today's business landscape, you need to step up your B2B eCommerce game to connect with your desired audience. Due to the convenience of ordering products online, lots of businesses have shifted their focus on building a better online experience to their target market.

However, they run the risk of competing in a crowded market vying for the attention of their customers. Therefore, the risk of lowered sales due to intense competition is imminent.

To get a leg up against the competition, you need to go the opposite route.

You need to go offline as well.

Below are reasons that explain why you need to find a way to merge your offline and online efforts for the benefit of your B2B eCommerce.

More opportunities for conversion

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your customers. While many gravitate toward the convenience of online transactions, that doesn't mean that you have to put all your eggs in that basket. The fact of the matter is there are B2B transactions done offline. 

You need to find a way to cater to businesses that conduct transactions both ways. Consolidating payments from both channels will help you streamline your business process and get more clients coming your way.

Keep the human touch alive

There is nothing more reassuring that actual face-to-face interactions.

The online world has desensitized ourselves from building relationships with people on our computer screens. Ironically, the only things we trust are those we see and feel in person. You won't  buy from just some random eCommerce site. You need to make sure that you know the brand you're buying because of an existing relationship you have with it.

This reason is why traditional commerce remains strong after all these years.

According to Accenture’s Channel Shift: Measuring B2B Efforts to Shift Customers Online, the first and third highest performing purchase channels are through an in-person sales rep (90%) and over the phone (82%). Truly, getting more customers on board and increasing your sales is possible by going off the grid for your B2B eCommerice site.

By mobilizing your sales team to get out in the field and engage with potential clients, you can make even more money from other companies. More importantly, you can develop long-lasting business relations that will prove profitable over time.

Consolidate the entire process

While accommodating offline practices proves to be an advantage, you are drastically changing the makeup and possibly putting a strain on your business operations. 

Considering the nature of B2B eCommerce, which is to sell wholesale items to your business customers, tracking offline orders and scaling the performance of your offline efforts adds another level of difficulty to streamlining your process.

Given these obstacles, there are solutions that you put into place to help you manage your B2B eCommerce and measure your business with ease.

Fortunately, a tool like Apruve will help you minimize the manual process of managing accounts and their payments. To make the lives of your buyers much easier, you can use Apruve to issue customer credit accounts to automate the payment process.

From a sales perspective, you can integrate accounts receivables from different customers by using the tool to manage your invoicing, collections, and payments.

Not to mention, you can do all these without having to shell thousands of different tools to get the job done.

Adding all these factors prove that integrating your offline and online approaches for your B2B eCommerce is possible. Not only will it help you earn more money and reduce costs, but it also makes you and your client focus on growing your respective businesses without the financial stress.

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