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Top Trends That Might Shape Your B2B Strategy


Posted by Brian Thomas - 06 June, 2019

4 Simple B2B Sales Tactics That Amplify Your Revenues

Before we even start getting in on this topic, it’s important to mention that there are two major types of commercial transactions: B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business).

The key differences between the two are in the decision-making process of the buyer, the speed of sales and client relationships.

This is due to the fact that purchases made by businesses are usually made after a longer consideration by a trained professional.

As for the part about the relationship…

Well, it goes without saying that the loss of a single consumer hurts a brand significantly less than a loss of a partner in form of a business.

With that in mind and without further ado, here are several simple hacks to improve your B2B game and amplify your sales.

Do your research

The problem with B2B lies in the fact that identifying a customer is not that easy.

After all, the characteristics of a business that is ideal for your product aren’t that easy to pinpoint and, at times, they tend to even prove completely irrelevant.

Why? Well, as any B2B guide you open will tell you, the decision-making process in B2B transactions tends to be more factual and reason-driven.

b2b Sales TacticsSource

This is why the research shouldn’t focus on your clients as much as it should revolve around your competition. Your offer needs to be superior, at least in one aspect, and in order to ensure this, you need to have a reliable reference point.

Remember, you don’t have to be better in every single aspect.

It’s enough for you to find an adequate angle and put a lot of emphasis on it. One more thing that could be helpful is to find a way to write a killer B2B proposal.

This might take some time, due to the fact that it’s much harder than it sounds; yet, it’s an art more than worth mastering.


Feedback is even more important

Second, you need to understand that the feedback is important in B2C marketing, as well.

Nevertheless, it’s not the same. A single business makes for a much larger part of your revenue than a single consumer, and they know it.

This means that while ignoring a consumer may be seen as a bad business practice, ignoring a business that you’re doing business with is much, much worse.

That being said, you need to be quick to gather feedback and even quicker to respond to it.

Sure, making an instantaneous improvement to your business model would be the best solution possible but it isn’t always manageable.

In that case, at least make sure to address your partners and inform them that you are working on finding the solution to the problem.

B2B Sales Feedback

Also, keep a close eye on your community and what they’re saying about you and your brand when they think you’re not listening or not paying attention.

The simplest and the most efficient way to do so is via the help of social media monitoring. With the right platform, this process can be quite effortless.



The next thing you have to figure out is the subtle art of upselling. Namely, this is a simple tactic that has you expanding your offer as soon as your client agrees to buy something.

Seeing as how they’ve already crossed that threshold, you might feel compelled to offer them a bit extra.

In fact, by offering them an additional service, product, supply line that’s closely related to what you’ve just sold them, you’ll put them in a scenario where they see it as an offer of a lifetime.

Most likely, they would have to make this purchase either way on another day, so why not save time and effort by simply getting it all from you?


Still, this requires a detailed plan, since you can’t just offer them something random and expect them to buy because… Hey, why not? This is not how B2B, or even B2C works.

Moreover, it also requires you to diversify your offer, due to the fact that this “ideal up-sale offer” might not currently be in your inventory.


Invest in education

At the very end, you need to keep in mind that your audience isn’t necessarily the most informed one.

Expecting them to leap on a superior offer may seem logical or intuitive, however, what guarantee you have that they can recognize a superior offer, in the first place. This is why you need to educate them on your own.

Video tutorials and breakdowns are by far the simplest solution to this problem, which is why video marketing is becoming more and more dominant in B2B sales.

Other than that, your team needs to be constantly updated on all the latest tricks and trends of the industry. In other words, educating and investing in education is the way to go.

At the very end, improving your B2B game and amplifying your sales comes down to one thing – the perception of your clients.

Having superior products and services is not enough if your clients aren’t aware of it. Instead, they have to see your service as superior and your product as better for their own company. With the above-listed four tips, you can achieve this exact goal.


The top B2B Sales Tactics:

  1. Do your research
  2. Feedback is even more important
  3. Upselling
  4. Invest in education

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