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Posted by Erik Larson - 18 January, 2019

The 10 Best Ways to Improve Your Product Photography

Do your bad or gloomy images lower your sales? Want to feature interesting product photography to intrigue more customers but don’t know how?

Let us help you raise your sales through 10 effortless e-commerce photography tricks.

Nowadays, you won’t find a person who has never bought something online. Online shopping has its peculiarities, people choose products just from looking at photos of it. 

These online shoppers do not have an opportunity to touch or thoroughly examine items. That is why stores need to focus on photos and descriptions to generate sales, especially in the CPG industry.

Actually, everybody’s buying judgements are 95% grounded on visual look alone. It is not enough just to have an expensive DSLR camera. It is all about product exposure, creativity, and photo retouching.

So, what should you do to make your item stand out over the hundreds of others on the internet? Or how to manufacture the creative product photography inexpensively?

Proper Background Is a Basis

Product photography white background

Prefer working with an immaculate white backdrop. Keep it clear – it is a rudimentary product photography guideline.

You only need the item to stand out.

It’s easy to be distracted by the background when you feature a small product as a jewelry. If you feature a small white colored item use a plain black background. No distractions. It's clean, simple, and it's also easy to persevere consistency.

Try to obtain the photo on wooden surface or marble table. You can also utilize special surfaces with different prints. Do not be afraid to diversify the background adding some extra details that would flatter the product.

For example, think about flower petals of silver or golden glitters.

Do Have Your Product From Different Sides

The clients would like to examine the merchandise more carefully. This means it would be better to download a few more photographs of your product from all angles in high resolution. Use macro shooting.

Show Your Product Engaged

product in use photographyThe clients buy products to wear, play, and to consume. So display how the product is interacted with.

For example, if it is some things for the house, show them in the interior, if it is some kind of accessory or clothes, do not hesitate and show how this product looks on the body.

Showing the products in their environment, where they can be used, creates a special atmosphere and demonstrates their necessity for a potential buyer.

Retouch Product Photos After Shooting

The photo isn’t ready after you press the button on your camera. You still need to use Photoshop or Lightroom softwares to edit the product photo.

Try adding special color effects, removing dust, correcting colors, or do clipping path, you’ll need to do some form of photo editing to have professional look.

You can do it your own or address online services like FixThePhoto

Create a Soft Light Or Use a Flash Diffuser

Shooting your product with soft diffused light. It spreads evenly over the product and creates few shadows, emphasizing the details and giving the best look.

Fortunately, it is not too difficult to create a soft light even at home. Do it near the window on a bright cloudy day avoiding direct sunlight.

You can also try to use white paper to reflect the light, turn it to the product, and remove the shadows.

This decision will help you to enhance your product photography and give it a more natural light look. If you failed, use clipping path and make color correction in Lightroom.


Use a lightbox for better product photosSave time on product photo retouching and setting light sources, buy a simple lightbox for about $200 and all your problems with the photo’s color, brightness, clarity and sharpness will disappear.

Color and Styles

People have troubles visualizing what something will look like in another color or texture. Show them the examples of each option available.

If you have ten colors and three different textures available, display the product in each variant.

Use Classical & Creative Props

Props around the product

Make your photos pop and stylish with the help of unusual background or additional things near the product. Use flat lay way of showing products, which is very popular now.

Add flowers, books, smack things in the same color scheme near your product.

Motion Photograph

Show the product in actionAnimated gifs are the best variant for you to show you’re your product works. If you don’t have resources for a full video, choose the gifs.

Show the way your product works and what it can do. 3-4 seconds animation is enough.

Use a Bokeh

If you want to make creative backdrops for your products, Bokeh is the best variant for your lifestyle images. It is a blur effect made by a specific type of lens.

You can make it in Photoshop too or download a special Photoshop overlay.

We hope, these 10 product photography ideas will really help you enhance your website and raise the sales. All you have to do is to be patient and work hard to achieve the desired result.

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