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Posted by Erik Larson - 18 January, 2019

The Best 4 Tips To Improve Conversions on Your B2B Website

As your website traffic continues to grow you should ask yourself one simple question.

How can the site increase its conversion rate?

This is especially relevant given the continued dramatic growth of websites and media in the digital marketplace today. How can you make sure that your brand will create the engagement and conversions you need in order to make the highest returns?

Whether you are B2B or B2C, it seems that buyers today are looking to do their shopping fast and online.

KPMG data suggests that 71-percent of potential customers decide to make a purchase within a week of being aware of - or desire - a product.

64-percent of consumers stated that an online video actually convinced them to buy a product, whereas others came from other marketing channels such as e-mail marketing and SEO. 

If you’re looking for some hints and tips on how to improve conversions for your B2B business, here are great ways in which to leverage these aforementioned trends:


Make your sales funnel as clear and concise as possible. 

You are most likely well aware of how your sales funnel looks now, but reassessing how your sales funnel works routinely is best practice. This repeated operation verifies that you are in fact guiding your prospects to the desired behavior.


For instance:

You can't expect readers to become prospects immediately if they're just visiting your site for the first time. In this initial awareness stage, what are you offering to that could generate interest?

Leads and prospects won’t necessarily immediately buy your products just because they've shown interest. In the interest stage, how will you entice prospects to buy your product without forcing them into it?

Finally, prospects that do purchase your product or service may only be one-off purchasers. Championing them to come back and purchase from you again, or to attain their friends to transact products from you, can be tricky. During the sales stage, how are you most likely to transform your customers into brand ambassadors and loyal patrons?


Don't hesitate to experiment with various concepts. 

Improving conversion rates requires continuous improvements and updates. These could be the use of various technologies, strategies, or tactics. If you’re unsure how to do this, perhaps consider using a CRO agency to help guide you through this process.


Conversion rates can be improved with testing and experimentation. The most common tests are with A/B or split testing, where companies compare conversion rates between two different strategies. If, for instance, you have two headlines for a site you want to try, you can release two versions of the headline using an A/B testing tool and determine which converts better.


Make informed decisions when testing concepts. 

Adaptability is one of the most important characteristics a company should have, especially when it comes to creating a marketing strategy that works. Sometimes it is challenging trying out different concepts because you assume that they're not likely to have any impact towards your goals, but it’s worth testing before making these assumptions. 

Website experiments in B2BSource

To determine where you should start, rank each experiment or test based on how much potential revenue they will likely produce. Start testing your projects with the highest revenue first to have the biggest impact. If your test may have a large negative impact, try testing on a smaller scale and then expose it to a larger audience once positive results are perceived.

Some experiments might be testing different media, custom promotions, navigation, and page layout, as well as your overall headline, to see which of these has the biggest impact on your conversion rate.

Compelling value propositions can entice readers.

Value propositions are simply declarations of what kind of "value" your product or service can provide to your prospects. Simply put, they’re a way of conveying “what's in it for them” and why they need your product. Some products or services use a lot of "sales talk" and not a lot of substance, but this approach rarely works, especially online, where people’s attention spans are often quite short.

Aside from stating what your customers can get from your product or service, your value proposition must illustrate a difference between you and you’re your competitors. Focus less on the traits and offerings you have in common with your competitors, instead identify the qualities which set you apart.

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James Spittal-01About the author: James is the founder of Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing obsessed digital marketing agency, Web Marketing ROI. They help brands with high-traffic websites optimize their conversion rate using A/B testing and personalization. 

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