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Top Trends That Might Shape Your B2B Strategy


Posted by Brian Thomas - 06 June, 2019

The Best 5 Landing Page Conversion Tips

Now that you've found the perfect product to sell, built an online store, created a marketing plan, and set up a landing page, you're confident that everything is in place.

But after checking your analytics to count your conversions, the numbers are shockingly low.

Instead of drowning in defeat, there are some simple steps you can take to change things for the better. Continue reading for 5 on-page conversion tips to help improve your product listings.

1. High quality images with multiple angles

A common mistake of many online business owners is the lack of attention to detail. Specifically speaking, avoiding the importance of professional images.

A picture says a thousand words. When consumers are shopping online, they are often judging the quality of a product and the legitimacy of a brand based on the visual presentation.

Using high-quality photos of your product including multiple angles is a must. As a rule of thumb, do not underestimate the power of eye-catching photography.

Investing in a professional photographer is one way to beautifully display your products. That said, there are also several online DIY photography tips you can use to help increase the trustworthiness of your brand for future and repeat consumers.


2. Product in-use videos

We live in a visual world, and it is key to tell the story of your product in a video. Topping out at 30 seconds, it's important to highlight your product with a branded video that showcases honesty and a premium product.

Landing Page Conversion rates

Not sure how to create a professional video that can compete with the big brands? Hiring a video freelancer who can create high quality videos will help you reach the standards of other professional brands and products.

A professional online presence is key to your success and hiring a freelancer with expertise in video production will help your business grow.


3. Collect more positive reviews

It goes without saying that positive customer testimonials are equivalent to the golden grail.

Savvy online shoppers can identify the phony reviews of the stereotypical personas, so ensure that you follow authentic business practices when getting positive testimonials from consumers.

The bottom line: If you have a great product and you treat your customers well, positive reviews will come pouring in. Watch for personal stories that showcase how your product has affected someone's life or business.


If you don't have a life-changing story to highlight yet, increase the feedback mechanisms on your website which will allow your customers to provide the appropriate information.

If you're not sure how to use these functions to promote positive customer reviews, hiring a freelancer from a professional marketplace is a great idea.

Virtual assistants who are experienced and up-to-date with on-page conversion skills can help your online business grow and thrive to its full potential.


4. Create catchy visuals

In today's online marketplaces, consumers are drawn to catchy headlines, eye-popping text, eye candy images and humorous features.

Whether it's funny photos or risqué memes, people are drawn to social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram due to the originality and unique characteristics.

As an online entrepreneur, this same level of attention to detail is imperative while creating the look and layout of your website listings and product manuals.

Keeping in line with the integrity of your brand and the quality of your product, it's important to showcase the best headlines, photos, quotes and details while selling your product.

Feeling blocked with creativity? Not to worry, as there are countless creative and skilled freelancers available to help your product come to life so they can catch the eye of future and repeat customers.


5. Proper sizing charts

It goes without saying that if your product is clothing or something similar, size matters a lot. That's why having proper sizing charts that are user-friendly and relevant for worldwide consumers is a must.

Keeping it simple and clear is key when selling these types of products online.

Conversion rate with tableSource

Of course, customers love guarantees when it comes to returning and shipping. But why not provide fitting guarantees pre-purchase in hope of avoiding returns in the first place?

If you're not sure how to optimize an effective sizing chart, hiring a vetted freelancer is a great option to help improve your product listing and the overall success of your website.



Hiring freelancers is ideal in today’s online culture to help your business thrive. With freelance experts at your fingertips, outsourcing to help boost the professionalism of your online business makes a lot of sense. One person cannot do it all, and when you free up your time to work on the core goals of your company, success will be imminent.


What are the best ways to improve conversion rates on product pages?

  1. High quality images with multiple angles
  2. Product in-use videos
  3. Collect more positive reviews
  4. Create catchy visuals
  5. Proper sizing charts

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