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How Accounts Receivable Factoring is a Pay Day Loan for Business


Posted by Matt Osborn - 28 June, 2019

The Best 5 Tips & Tricks for B2B Event Marketing

Events can serve many purposes. A business can present a new product or service at an event. Apple, Samsung and many other giants regularly host their events where they let the world know about their upcoming products.


Events can create excitement and attract new prospects, events can even strengthen your bonds with current customer base and sales engagement. But can events attract people to come and spread the word about your business? Yes. Take a look below.

Make it charitable

Donating to a cause is awesome. Helping people in need and doing something for the greater good should be a normal thing at every company.

Now you can also host an event that is charitable and both help yourself and the selected cause. Charitable events attract customers because of the ‘feel good’ element. Those events are successful because shopping or spending for a cause is something people like. They often take pride in it and that makes them feel good.

For example, one pet shelter in the US hosts events where parents drop off their kids for a night of movies and cuddling puppies. At least some kids always take a puppy home. Consider this option. You’ll be doing a great thing for a greater cause and you’ll really set your business apart because people will recognize your good deed.


Because we all love free stuff, right? No matter how big your event is or how small, make sure you give out free stuff to your attendees.

A branded pen? Yes, that could work. A power bank? That works too. Attendees will love it and they will spread the word. Even if you have a booth at someone else’s event. They will stop by when they see that something is being handed out for free. What’s even better is the fact that some marketers use this as a way to improve attendee engagement.

For example, some companies give out snacks and drinks such as coffee, some even have in-booth games with prizes. If you leave a great first impression, the attendees will stay and pay attention. All these tactics have been designed to attract people and make people want to stick with your brand.


Social media

Posting on social media prior to your event and after the event goes without saying.

You’ve probably read about that somewhere before. However, what many forget is to ‘cover’ the event itself. Staying active on social media during the event is equally important!

Again, the concept is the same whether you just have a booth at someone else’s event or it’s your event – keep posting. Encourage attendees to do the same. For example, set up a sign-in form for Wi-Fi. In that form offer them to share something about the event on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

That way their friends will learn something about your event and thus hear about your company. Post everywhere because there are hundreds and thousands of people following these platforms, waiting to see the latest trends in the industry. And we all know that these trends usually emerge directly from show floors.



If you’re hosting your own event, it’s important to get as many attendees to engage with as many companies as possible. So, how about an event-wide contest? Create an event-wide contest to improve traffic to everyone’s booth.

A contest like this one encourages attendees to interact with numerous sponsors, workshops, etc. This is both good for you and the rest at your event. Also, if you’re only renting a booth somewhere else, create a mini-contest at your own booth. People like fun activities and people talk about it. It can be as simple as getting a gaming console, bringing it and having people play popular games.

For example, if you’re a sports equipment store, hosting a FIFA tournament might be a good idea. Few games of 7 to 10 minutes won’t do bad to no one and you’ll attract lots of people to your booth. If it’s your own event, that’s even better. Remember to have contests, people are competitive and they like small challenges.

Event app

Don’t you want to make it easier for you to organize, contact, and interact with your attendees? If so, you have to consider getting your event app. Check-in, polling, registration, easier networking? Easy if you have your own app.

This can be a really powerful tool. If you have enough funds, have someone develop an app for your event. Event apps have tons of features and all those features are there to entertain and help attendees. With an app you have a built-in audience for messages and promotions.

You can even send reminders through apps about a sponsor or someone’s booth. Informing people about a giveaway? You can do that through your event app and you can rest assured that people will show up to get their free goodies. An event app is a world of opportunities. If you can, make sure you come up with one for your event.


These tips and ‘tricks’ mainly serve to attract more and more customers. However, that is not easy to achieve. So, implement what you’ve learned and be patient. Great things don’t happen overnight.


What are the best ways to drive traffic at your event?

  • Make it charitable
  • Freebies
  • Social media
  • Contests
  • Event app

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