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Posted by George Draper - 08 March, 2019

The Entrepeneur's Guide To Web Design That Can Work For Businesses

Having a website helps an entrepreneur showcase products and expand the market online. However, with myriad businesses creating a presence on the web, entrepreneurs agree that having a website alone is not enough.

Creating a unique and effective web design distinguishes an entrepreneur’s business from several other companies online and is critical for a business growth plan. Read further to learn what you need to know in creating a web design that can work for your business.

Content That Works for You

Creating content that works for your business is the most essential step in designing your website.  Content includes the description, photos, contact details and other information that showcases your product.


In creating content, map out the areas on your business that you want to highlight. Here are several content ideas that you could include in your website:

  • Sell your product! Describe your product to the market. Explain what distinguishes your product from others in the market, and why your consumers should consider investing in your company.
  • Create a presence online. Write content about how your business started. Provide details on how your company came up with your product. This is where you create the brand of your business and show how your business is distinguished from all the rest. Consumers are more likely to show interest in businesses that they know.
  • Provide your contact details. Consumers or businesses that have become interested in your offering will be looking for information to help them in their buying journey. Make sure you provide enough contact details for consumers or businesses around the globe to get in touch. Email address, telephone numbers, or social media pages are only some of the ways for consumers to contact you.

In addition to content, more often than not buyers will have questions or comments about your product. Allowing users to leave comments on your website helps not only encourage engagement but also helps improve your product listing. Addressing the content before developing a site will help you with the overall design, the layout, and aesthetic of your website.

Ease of Access and Navigation

Another critical feature in a great website is a user-friendly, easy to navigate design. A good site is one that purchasers can easily access and maneuver through. Choose website designs that are not only computer-friendly but are also mobile-friendly.

Make it a goal to organize your content by doing the following:

  • Map out the content that you have decided to include on your website
  • Categorize your content into several general headings
  • Do not be afraid to trim content that does not align with your general framework
  • Create a layout that is simple yet effective in showcasing your business

Creating an organized website will not only help you ascertain which areas you need to add or trim content on, but it will also help your target market understand your business and purpose better.

Aesthetic Design

Only when you have established your content and interface should you decide on an aesthetic design that will work with what you have created. A good website contains aesthetic visuals that relate to its content.

Aesthetic design includes the use of logos and other visuals, color schemes, and typography.

Logos and other visuals

Several illustration and design software programs can help you in creating logos, and visuals for a website. Here are several tools that can play a dramatical role in customizing the aesthetic design of your website.

  • Adobe Photoshop – used by photographers, web designers, and other professionals that helps edit and manipulate 2d and 3d images. This software helps with editing photos, creating digital paintings, and creating graphics for your website.
  • Adobe Illustrator – will help create logos, vector images, and creative visual displays to present information and other promotional work aesthetically.
  • Adobe Animate CC – used to create animation and other interactive content on your website.

Color Schemes

In choosing a color scheme for your website, choose a color palette that is relatable to your content. There are several websites online that provide you with pre-arranged color palettes from which you can choose your web design.

Great Web Design.png


Choosing the fonts to include in your website helps improve the overall design of your page. Choose fonts that are simple and easy to read. This helps your consumers understand your content better.

Web Design Software

Designing great UX design usually involves the use of several codes and markup languages to create a website of your own. However, there are several software programs and apps online which help users who do not know how to code. These apps and programs allow users to harness code like HTML and CSS to create an aesthetic and unique website of their own.

More and more businesses are creating a presence online, so it is crucial for any entrepreneur to invest in a web design that completely distinguishes his brand from all the rest. Web design includes the coherence of content, access, navigation and aesthetic design, and investing in effective web design will help draw traffic to any business website. If you’re looking for more information about the subject, you can click here as well.

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