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Posted by George Draper - 08 March, 2019

Who is the typical B2B Market Disruptor?

This year, Apruve has interviewed a large number of business leaders that are playing a drastic role in Digital Transformation, revolutionizing how businesses operate and purchase from each other.

During every interview, we have asked some fairly random questions outside of the business professional ones. Sadly, we have been keeping these answers to ourselves and not sharing them with our readers. (We are selfish, we know!)

That's about to change. We compiled all the answers to show you what a typical B2B Disruptor looks like. We hope you enjoy!

1. Random Interesting Fact About You?

We asked every interviewee for an interesting fact about themselves. As you can imagine, nobody had the same interesting fact, but we grouped their answers by what part of their life the interesting fact comes from.

market disruptor interesting facts

After reviewing all the answers provided, we decided the following was the most interesting fact:

I was an E & Y Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016

- Sam Sinai,

2. What Was Your First Job?

What was the job that started the passion to create a solution of their own? Apparently, customer service is a great place to start, commonly this would be working in a restaurant.

First jobs for market disruptors

At Apruve, we believed that the best response was from SupplyHub again:

Believe it or not, I got my training as a telemarketer at age 13!

Sam Sinai,

3. What's Your Favorite Food?

Does food preference play a role in someone's creativity or ability to manage a company? We can not say there is a connection for sure, but it looks like spicer foods may play a role.

Here is Exhibit A 

What does a market disruptor eat?After reviewing a lot of answers, the Apruve marketing team got hungry for a second lunch. We also found the clear victor!

Anything That My Wife Cooks.

- Sam Bayer, Corevist

4. What Are Your Hobbies?

There is life outside of work, for most people at least. We wanted to find out what activities get the creative juices flowing for a B2B Disruptor. 

Market disruptor hobbies

It is clear that a true Disruptor loves to stay active and see new things, or in some cases, such as Mark Tyrol, rebuilding old things.

I am a car enthusiast and enjoy restoring, maintaining, driving, and collecting american muscle cars

- Mark Tyrol,

5. What Annoys You The Most?

Not only did we want to know what made Disruptors creative, we wanted to also know what made them angry. It comes to no surprise that the vast majority of the responses were work focused, such as "People not trying their best," or "People not taking ownership of their problems"

If you are a typical Disruptor you demand hard work, ownership, and action.

what annoys a market disruptors

Although, some Disruptors are irritated by things outside of just bad work ethics. They are looking at the problems that affect everyone, and therefore we had to highlight it!

How commercials are so much louder than the TV shows.

- Mark Tyrol,

Do you match the B2B Disruptor profile? If so, let us know for a chance to be featured!

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