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Make Your Long-Tail Customers More Profitable


Posted by Michael Noble - 17 November, 2021

The Role of Emotions in B2B Marketing and Sales

The marketing world is divided in two, between B2B and B2C marketers.

There is also a misconception saying that B2C marketing has to be fun and engaging. On the other hand, B2B marketing needs to be serious and very logical.

In reality, this is completely false.

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Who said that businesses don’t need a bit of fun and emotions to convince them order your products?

Emotions play a very important role in B2B deals and marketers need to understand what are the reasons that influence their clients buying decision.

How to Engage B2B Customers with Emotional Marketing

According to a research conducted by Google, B2B buyers can become emotionally connected to your brand.

Apart from the product’s details, emotions will increase your chances to convince a B2B client buy your product.

50% of the buyers are more likely to buy your products when they are emotionally engaged. What is more, if they see that they might obtain some personal value too, then the numbers are even better.

The power of emotions is incredible. If you would ask executives what convinces them to take the purchasing decisions, they can be convinced by the following aspects:

  • It is very important for them to work with an honest vendor, with a good reputation on the market.
  • Even though business deals should not be influenced by the personal life, there are executives who are more open to buy a product based on personal recommendations.
  • Most executives are convinced by strong brands, which have a vast portfolio of clients, some of them sharing the same niche.

All these factors have a very important role: to create a personal connection with the B2B client.

Behind each business, there are also people who put a lot of accent on trust.

Build trust in B2BSource

What is more, B2B deals usually require a serious investment. Therefore, the risks on the long term are very high and they can greatly affect the company’s evolution in case something goes wrong.

So, even though the product’s characteristics might look great, executives need also a trustworthy vendor to do deals with.


A Humanized Approach Works Better in B2B Marketing

Since the world started to focus more on digital, the psychology behind B2B customers has suffered a lot of changes also.

Now, they also apply personal emotions in various ways before they take the buying decision. Therefore, your B2B marketing strategy needs to include also the “human factor”.

If you don’t create a story around your products and make your prospects visualize the entire concept, they will not get too excited about what you have to offer.

When you include emotions in your storytelling, you will give your product presentation that human approach that makes the difference.

You don’t need a robotic tone to convince your B2B buyers how good your product is. You need to give them reasons to trust you and discover more behind the technical specifications.

humanizing a brand for emotionSource

On the other hand, you shouldn’t exaggerate with emotions. You need to stay reliable. So, an exaggeration of emotions will make your buyers doubt about your professionalism, and feel that you try to hide some flaws of the product by insisting too much on emotions.


Marketers Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of Emotions

Even though B2B marketing is perceived as a rational process, focused on real data, the final purchasing decision is influenced by a mix of instincts and emotions.

After all, the CEOs are also people who buy from other people.

Now, the information is available at a click distance. Therefore, your buyers will make a decision about your company and products before you even have the first meeting with them.

It is very easy for B2B buyers to make the difference between a generic presentation and one that involves emotions and a bit of experience.

So, if you really want to be different and increase your sales, you need to put more than a performant product on the table.

The way you make your buyers feel will make the difference when it comes to their loyalty to your brand. You should use emotions to make your clients feel valued and appreciated.

emotions role in salesSource

They should immediately see your transparency and trust you from the first phrases.

Confidence drives loyalty which means that you can use emotions to become the preferred vendor of your B2B clients.


Rely on the Right Emotions

If you think you can compare the B2C emotional marketing to B2B emotions, then you will be comparing apples and pears.

Yes, we are talking about emotions in both cases, but this doesn’t mean that emotions cannot be different.

In both cases, there is the same objective. We want to convince our customers buy our products and we use emotional marketing to create a relationship with them. However, the set of emotions used in B2C is different than the ones used in B2B.

When it comes to B2C, emotions like sadness, humor, or nostalgia are perfect to engage your customers.

But, you cannot use sadness to convince businesses sign contracts worth millions of dollars. You need something stronger than this.

So, you should focus on reliability, credibility, and trust. What is more, you should induce your clients a sense of partnership. After all, when it comes to B2B sales, your clients are in fact your partners. So, you should make them feel confident and safe to invest in your products.

Your employees can also be of great help in B2B marketing. They can engage with your customers and create connections with them by sharing content on their social media profiles.

What is more, you can also encourage them to create their own blogs and post relevant content there too.Help them develop their own personalities and inspire trust when they talk about your products.

Furthermore, it is not only the sales and customer service teams who can be your great sellers. Your HR and Admin colleagues can also tell their stories and talk about your products in different networking events. Therefore, you create a stronger name on the market.

emotions for B2BSource

Even though business decisions are driven by results and clear data, behind each business there are also people. So, they react to emotions and instinct too.

This makes them wonder before they sign the purchasing contract, whether they are treated as a valuable customer and if they are making a good deal for their business.

Thus, if you want your B2B customers to become loyal to your brand, you should use emotions to make them feel taken care of and trust you.


What role do emotions play in B2B Marketing?

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