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What's holding CFOs back from digital finance initiatives


Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

The Role of Website User Experience on Conversion Rates

In the present scenario, a little latency or sluggish performance is a significant issue. Due to which, transforming visitors into buyers with a single click has become insanely tricky.

UX on MobileSource

Fortunately, there are ample of methods such as enhancing user experience and market research that can increase your site’s conversion rate is worth its weight in digital gold.

Let’s dive into the details!

A website’s success or failure highly depends on its conversion rate. Good conversion rates are all about gaining more sales, revenue whereas poor conversion rates mean that you’ll struggle to keep your business afloat.

Website user experience

The above image is of Google Analytics one of the most overlooked tools for UXers. The following article purely focuses on how to enhance conversion rates for your website through user experience and market research.

Now you must be thinking what has user experience to do with conversions? Well, it’s everything.

Great user experiences aren’t created overnight, and it does not have to be something extraordinary it just has to make the end user happy.

It’s quite simple if you want to lead to something; be it sticking around on your social networking site or buying your stuff. Experience starts from the moment a user lands up on your site, and it has a significant impact on their opinion about you.

According to Jason Goldberg, founder, and CEO of Fab.com, User experience matters a lot. More than most people realize. The best-designed user experiences get out of the way and just help people get sh*t done. Less is more. If you have to explain it, you’ve already failed.

What is UX in actual terms?

Many of you have this misconception that UI and UX are the same, but they are not.

Let me explain you with a basic example of a car- There is a dashboard, steering wheel, intimidating looks- this is UI (user interface) whereas driving or experiencing the car is what we call UX (user experience).

Similarly, when it comes to a website- visual beauty or design is a stepping stone that leads to exclusive first impression, but with terrible usability, you won’t be able to sustain for long.

Now the term experience is quite personal and subjective affected by an individual’s past, personal preferences, mood and a myriad of other things. So what to do?

Meet all the facets of UX  UX componentsSource

  • Useful- Do you think your product or website will be useful for end user in one way or another? I mean the more useful, the better it will be considered in terms of experience.
  • Usable- As the point implies, the product has to be in ease of use. In case, if you have come up something that’s too complicated or confusing. It means you have already lost.
  • Desirable- It has to be tempered by an appreciation for the power and value of image, identity, brand, and other elements in regards to emotions.
  • Findable- It has to be more in context with navigable web sites and locatable objects
  • Accessible- Websites should be accessible to people without any discrimination.
  • Credible- Websites needs to be credible. So get in touch with a reliable web designer to excel.
  • Valuable- Our sites must deliver value to our end-users. Just make sure that the user experience must advance the mission.

What’s More?

  • Appropriate user experience enables one to have a meaningful all conversations in context to improving and creating experiences.
  • One can access their site through a specific lens, and get specific ideas as to what to improve
  • If you can’t improve all of your websites due to lack of time or budget, why not do a single-facet makeover?


Think hard; know what’s common among all people. See how their brain works or they view websites, how to boast readability, grab their attention and what not.

Apart from this, also know what’s so special about your end user. Do you think your target group is different from others? How?

Don’t forget to be emphatic to end users. It’s imperative to think from a user perspective. If you know what they want to get done from you, pull up your socks and place yourself in their shoes for an appropriate outcome.


Trust me; great user experiences can lead to great results in regards to maintaining healthy conversion rates including purchase, sign-up, quote request, repeat logins, etc.

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Author Bio:

Charles Richard is a Business Analyst at Tatvasoft.co.uk. and A passionate writer who loves to write that matters and  believes that writing is the best media to express what you want to share with the rest of the world.

Topics: B2B eCommerce, Sales & Marketing, B2B Marketing

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