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Transforming A/R with Automation and Built-In Credit Financing


Posted by Michael Noble - 12 January, 2022

The Top B2B Software for Companies of Any Size

If there’s anything modern businesses can’t live without, it’s software. Software applications not just collect and store vital business data, they simplify business processes as well. Plus, because they automate a wide range of interconnected tasks, they eliminate human error, which can be costly for any business if left unchecked.

To see if you’re using some of the top-rated B2B software in the market today, we’ve compiled a list of tools from reputable B2B software companies below:

eCommerce: BigCommerce

B2B eCommerce Software

If you’re running an eCommerce store, the platform you use to showcase your products and facilitate customer transactions is critical. You may have the best products on the planet, but if the eCommerce system you’re using is difficult to navigate, does not inspire trust, and is ill-equipped to present your products in the best possible light, you’re not using the right eCommerce software.

BigCommerce for B2B carries features that are exclusively B2B, such as bulk ordering and B2B-specific checkout features, while also providing a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience reminiscent of B2C eCommerce. It allows B2B eCommerce merchants to create stunning, engaging sites, and integrates with various third-party solutions, including those you may already be using, to make customer data sharing between platforms quick and seamless.

Marketing Automation: HubSpot

B2B Marketing Automation Software

Marketing at scale is next to impossible without marketing automation. Imagine manually adding your leads’ data to a segmentation list, or sending new customers a welcome message one by one. Hard to imagine, right? 

HubSpot is an inbound marketing tool that lets any marketing or sales team grow their customer base and solidify their relationships with them through a combination of essential features that cover customer management, lead generation, email tracking, and analytics, among others.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): SAP 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

In a nutshell, an ERP is business software that combines all aspects of an operation (such as research and development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing) in one integrated application. This way, various back-office and data functions can be done and processed using a single framework, database, and user interface.

SAP offers different ERP packages and solutions based on the size of your company and the features you need:

  • ERP for Large Enterprises
  • ERP for Midsize Companies
  • ERP for Small Businesses

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Salesforce

CRM B2B Software

A customer relationship management tool compiles customer information across various interaction channels (website, mobile, live chat, phone, email, social media, banner ads, and so on) regardless of the interaction type (sales versus service). CRM software contains detailed information on each lead, prospect, and customer, including their contact information, buying preferences, purchase history, and even their concerns, if any.

Salesforce is B2B software that allows companies to manage all aspects of customer relationships on one platform. When used correctly, it provides valuable insights into who your customers are, what they want from you, which reward or bonus item is appropriate for which customer, and how you can better serve them.

Email Marketing and Analytics: Campaign Monitor

B2B eMail Marketing Software

To this day, email is considered one of the most influential online marketing channels, its ROI a stunning 300%. Email marketing software, on the other hand, allows marketers to send relevant, personalized, and impactful marketing messages to the right customer at the right time. Through the use of APIs (application programming interfaces), email marketing tools become even more powerful when connected with other business tools such as CRM, websites, mobile forms, and other tools that capture customer data.

Campaign Monitor comes with email templates B2B software users can use out of the box. (They can also create templates of their own from scratch.). It has features that automatically track open, click, and unsubscribe rates, allowing you to tweak your campaign messages as necessary.

Cloud Storage: Box

Storage in the Cloud for businesses

Cloud storage platforms can be used to house or back up your important files: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, audio tracks, and even videos. Box.com saves your data in the cloud, so you can access your files anywhere, on any device whenever you need them. Also, depending on your document privacy policy, the tool allows you to collaborate with colleagues through a simple link that leads them straight to the file or document in the Box platform.

Files are always up-to-date, and Box even expands the capability of the software through integration with other tools such as Office 365, Google Docs, Slack, Salesforce, NetSuite, and DocuSign.

Accounting Software: Xero

B2B Accounting Software

Accounting and bookkeeping are essential business activities that need to be treated with utmost care. Mess up your accounting, and you’ll find yourself without a business to run sooner rather than later. When you keep an accurate set of business books, not only can you monitor the business’s expenses, but you also spot potential avenues for growth.

Xero is an online accounting and bookkeeping tool that does a ton of things: invoicing, inventory, bank reconciliation, expense tracking, bills payment, quote processing, currency exchange, source document tracking, and purchase order processing, among other things.

Receivable Automation: Apruve

B2B Credit Automation Software

For many B2B businesses, terms or credit purchases are more the norm rather than the exception. For sellers who allow their customers to purchase on credit to boost their sales profits, tracking your accounts receivables is necessary to ensure you get paid the right amount on time.

Apruve is a credit management platform that extends lines of credit to your customers. This means you need not run a background check on your customers because Apruve does that for you. Once registered into the Apruve platform, whenever a customer buys from you on credit, you automatically receive payment within 24 hours, ensuring you always have a healthy cash flow to keep your business running as usual.

Final word

You can’t go wrong with the right B2B software tool. So if you’re in the market for software to help you manage your business more efficiently, the list above is a good place to start looking.

Whitepaper: Unlocking Profitable Growth with Intelligent Long Tail Credit and Payment Automation

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Apruve enables large enterprises to automate long-tail credit and A/R so you can stop spending 80% of your time and resources on 20% of your revenue. We partner with each of our customers to solve their unique credit, payment, and accounts receivable challenges and build the right credit solutions for your markets, customers, and goals. 

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