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Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

Top 4 Ways You Can Boost Your E-commerce Business

As a growing multi-billion dollar industry, the E-commerce market continues to outperform the total brink and mortat retail market worldwide. In Asia alone, the total e-Commerce revenue already reached 617 billion USD this year with a projected growth of around 13.1% annually. 

We live in a society where convenience is not a luxury, but a necessity. For an e-commerce site, this means only one thing: The faster you’re able to ship an order, the better your company will be reviewed. Yet, a fast shipping service can only do so much. To expand the business, e-commerce owners must successfully maintain their loyal following. In fact, recent stats show that eight out of ten stores fail within the first 24 months of business.

How do you keep this from happening on your part? Listed below are ways top e-commerce websites stay in the ranks:

1. Content Marketing

Add value to your brand and business by using content strategies that will engage and target your audience. Content is not just text though; content is any form of media that delivers information to your target audience. For example, content in the form of blogs, buyer guides, product reviews, and infographics can help generate new leads and sales.

When it comes to attracting consumers, video content proves to be the best medium. By creating original sales videos, you can devise ways to introduce your product/brand in a variety of angles. Have no idea how to do a successfully do a video marketing campaign? Head over to YouTube and see how the top brands do it.  

2. Customer Connection

Successful e-commerce brands are those who cultivate genuine business relationships with their customers. They stay ahead of their competitors just because they know how to listen. By listening to your customer’s needs and problems, you’re able to give them better service. The better your service, the more customers, and referrals.

An e-commerce website that’s only interested in the business for making money, don’t reach long-term success because they are their actions commonly lead to being selfish and arrogant.

Don’t be like that business. Reach out and help your customers by answering their queries and requests. Here are must-haves when it comes to establishing good customer connection.

  • Dependable and Friendly Live Chat
  • Fun and Engaging Social Media Pages
  • Informative Help or FAQ Pages

3. Data Analysis

Top-tier e-commerce websites measure their analytics to provide better service. There are many tools you can use to analyze your conversion rates. For example, Inspectlet allows you to see your audience’s IP address to know where the visit came from and time on site. While CrazyEgg tool lets you see how users interact on your page based on heat maps, scroll maps, and various overlay tools. If you’re using an e-commerce platform, be sure that you’re using one with valuable extensions and useful ecommerce features. Using these tools, you can see:

  • Top searched items
  • Top searched keywords
  • Top selling items
  • Most profitable industry
  • Products that never or rarely sell
  • User demographics

These graphs and stats are quite difficult to track if you don’t have the right tools. However, if done right this can give you a valuable insight into your customers buying behavior and through this, you can customize your offers/service in the best way possible.

4. Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs remain as one of the top e-Commerce trends and with good reason. In a recent consumer report by Nielsen, they found that 84% of consumers prefer retailers that offer a loyalty program.

A business needs new customers to get through their first year, but if that same company wants to grow, then it needs ‘returning’ and ‘loyal’ customers. Aside from encouraging more purchases, a good customer loyalty program also boosts your brand’s reputation. They help make your customers feel valued – and an appreciated customer is a happy customer. Happy customers are more likely to use word of mouth about your business which will create more referrals – and inevitably more sales!

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