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How To Set Reasonable Payment Terms


Posted by Brett Romero - 28 August, 2019

Top 5 Magento 2 Extensions for vendor management

Over the last couple of years the world ecommerce market players Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Jabong and Alibaba have fueled economy beyond the measure. The key reasons behind their success are to keep the pace with the global market demand and inclined focus on consumers as well as vendors.

In addition, owing to the marketing constraints, the huge network of vendor and suppliers are always being ready for collaboration with these huge ecommerce brands in order to reach a huge amount of audience. The utilization of an advanced vendor management interface by these all ecommerce key players allow vendors and suppliers to manage their products and orders with ease.

Top 5 Magento 2 Extensions for vendor management in 2019

Magento 2 vendor extension is the most extensive solution turns any Magento store into a thriving online marketplace and enables seamless vendor management experience. From the number of Magento 2 extensions available, let’s take a quick look at top 5 extensions to allow your online store with superb functionality

Multi-Vendor Extension

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Multi-vendor Marketplace extension is a in-depth solution enables true trilingual capability. By using this extension vendors can easily add or update product details to sell their products. The seller can register their profile with company banner, logo, description and other info to separate their profile from others and manage their products in terms of quality, price and other info. With the sales matrix of this extension, a seller can track the number of sells oriented details including recent order, latest order, review, his income or comment.

By using it, admin can do the efficient management of any seller data. It also allows admin to make custom email templates for contact, register, order, approve/unapproved vendor and set default commission in percentages. Apart from the sellers and admin, it also allows customers to add product feedback or review. As this is based on coding on Magento structure, you can create it as per your needs.

Request for Quotation Extension

Request for the quote is marketplace add-one facilities your B2B purchasers to get the best possible cost of the product. With the help of it, buyers can send quote request for bulk quantity to multiple sellers with their desire cost. This RFQ (Request for the quote) marketplace extension enables store owner to make the unique form which asks B2B buyers for their desire quote.

With the help of “Ajax Add to Quote” buyers can submit their desired quote fast and easy for bulk purchase within a few clicks. After this process, they get notification of the same. The customer has a dashboard at where they can check the quote status with ease. Each seller checks it and sends own quote. Sellers can grant it manually or automatically after checking it. Thereby, B2B buyers get the product at a competitive price.

Extension to manage/process order

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 With the wonderful Magento 2 order management extension solution, you do not longer need to spend much time in order management. This extension allows you to add extra grid column for product info & delete unused info in order to make details maximally insightful. The modification of order details and status without canceling it is also possible.

This extension sets rank order by using colored flags. This great tool also allows you to delete or auto-update order. The highly configurable backed settings enable you to simplify order overview screen which ultimately enhances the user experience. The Magento 2 order management extension smoothen the process of the high volume of sales order and messy shipments management.

Extension for quick order function

Magento 2 Quick order module facilitates the buyers to search product with the help of product name or SKU. Purchasers can also insert more than one product of all types in a single click on quick order. Purchasers can also view the detailed information of the choice product by selecting the summary segment. By utilizing product choice segment; they can also view the number of selected products, tax detail, shipping price, total order discount etc.

In addition, buyers can select a shipping method, update the product quantity & see the applied discount and total order value. By utilizing quick order, the buyers need not visit every product page through the entire purchase process which thus reduces the numbers of clicks and saves time.

Bulk order management Extension

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For an ecommerce store owner to place supply entries of tons of daily order manually in a spreadsheet is a tiresome task. By utilizing Magento 2 bulk order management extension the store owner need not require the process execution of particular order. The Magento 2 mass order processing add-one allows you to streamline the order management process from invoice creation to freight generation. This marketplace extension auto generates invoices and shipment & adds a tracking number. It also changes pending order status to processing or complete status.

This extension also enables you to execute more than one action together like invoice and shipment generation in one click. The admin can view the detail information of all bulk orders and refine it with the help of many filters. The Mass order management extension establishes smooth order management by allowing admin to manage bulk order in a few numbers of clicks.

Moving Ahead

In the current digital landscape where website loading speed matters; while selecting Magento extension ensure whether it will provide the functionalities that will absolutely fulfill your requirements. Besides taking your needs into account, always ensure it will add an extra treat with possible future value for creating a powerful Magento site. Happy Selling!

Become a Magento B2B Powerhouse

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Varun Patel is founder and CEO of Coreway Solution which is Magento certified ecommerce Development Company helps retailers to enhance the retail business productivity with the array of high-grade and interactive functioned ecommerce web development. He strives hard to provide robust storefront model that create a success story. His innovative and state-of-art approach and result-driven strategy of website development make him stands out from the rest.

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