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What You Don't Know About Automating A/R Financing May Blow You Away

Posted by Michael Noble - 11 April, 2022

Top 50 Industrial Distributors in eCommerce [infographic]

Many B2B companies have an eCommerce website even though it may not drive the majority of their sales. It is important that your eCommerce site is providing a beneficial user experience because many individuals want to make purchases online.

We took an in-depth look at the eCommerce websites of the top 50 Industrial Distributors. Each company's site is graded on three main criteria:

User Experience & Usability

One of the easiest ways to make B2B eCommmerce sales is by having a user friendly website. High resolution product images, bundle options for industrial products, and saving your shopping cart are user preferences. Product reviews are also a valuable tool for users who want to make a quick purchase. Reputable products with a history of positive reviews become another easy sell.

Marketing & Shipping

Ecommerce websites are more than just a pretty face. There are many metrics that are hidden behind the scenes, but are a valuable asset to performance. Making your site visible in search engine results gives your company a leg up on your competition. Mobile applications, shipping options, and reorder ability are features worth offering.

B2B Product Needs

Many B2B sites require a login for their preferred customers. By having a login, suppliers are able to hand out special pricing for their customers, volume discounts, and financing. Another great value added for your customers is the ability to store credit cards and have payment options.

Each main category is drilled down further to gain useful insights into the Industrial Distribution space. The infographic below depicts the findings of the full report, which can also be downloaded here.


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