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What You Don't Know About Automating A/R Financing May Blow You Away

Posted by Michael Noble - 11 April, 2022

Top 50 Office Supply Companies

How do you find the Top 50 Office Supply Companies, and how do you rank them? The answer is simple: lots of clicking, and lots of scrolling.

All of this web browsing was conducted to highlight how companies utilize their eCommerce platforms. The Top 50 Office Supply Report consists of compiled and categorized data, outlining how companies are performing within their industry.

Why do we complete these Rating Reports?

We conduct our Apruval Rating Reports to show how companies compare to one another within their industry. We choose industries that have a strong B2B value, and we rank them based on their eCommerce platform and customer experience. This is done to show how companies can improve their eCommerce platforms in order to stay ahead of the pack. It is important for the consumer to have a simple and effortless experience when buying online, leading to repeat purchases and customer loyalty. We want to illustrate how businesses can achieve this by implementing simple features that make the buying experience stress-free.  

How is the report compiled?

In conducting our initial research, we rank each company on a 1-5 scale for 21 different criteria. The criteria ranges from website functionality to the checkout process. These scores are then added up, and we are able to rank each company and compare them to their competition. Our 21 criteria checklist is broken up into three categories to gauge where companies are scoring high, and where they can improve.

These categories are:

  • User Experience and Usability
  • Checkout
  • B2B Product Needs

With this breakdown, we are able to see how companies can benefit from additional eCommerce improvements.

When this data was first broken down, it was apparent that the majority of companies are missing simple features that can benefit their B2B and B2C eCommerce functionality. Many of these shortcomings were found in the user’s experience when checking out. We found that only half of the companies had the ability to save their shopping cart on their site, while only 40% of companies had the ability to save a credit card for future payments. Another area we found surprising, was only 36% of companies had the ability to buy office supply items in bulk. This is something many businesses look at when making large purchases for their entire office, and is crucial area for companies to be taking advantage of.

Despite some areas where many companies can improve, there were several companies that offered simple checkout and payment options for their customers. This is another key area that is important for the customer when looking at the office supply industry. Often times, the buyer may be buying on terms or need another person to approve their order before buying. Quill, Shoplet, and OnTimeSupplies are three companies that had extensive and user friendly eCommerce platforms that went above and beyond their competition. These companies understand the checkout and buying process, and are making it easy for customers to return to them when they are in need additional supplies.

Not only were these three companies doing well when it came to eCommerce options and functionality, there were many others that are making headways within their industry.

Topics: Checkout, Loyalty, Sales


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