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Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

Top B2B Apps For Your Miva Store

B2B eCommerce often have rather specific and complex requirements that most standard turnkey solutions, which are designed for B2C merchants, won't be able to satisfy.

It's important to use a platform that has the robust functionalities to support B2B eCommerce so you can manage, showcase, and sell complicated products online without compromising the customer experience.

Miva is a popular eCommerce solution for B2B merchants thanks to its ability to handle complex product configurations, high volume orders, and buyers accounts.

You can set up unlimited product variations, offer different pricing options, deliver personalized content for account-based marketing, and implement complex B2B business logic in your Miva online store while integrating the customer-facing interface with your back-office operations to automate workflows.

In addition, there are many Miva apps you can use to add features that help enhance customer experience, provide additional payment options, improve order management, support internationalization, etc.

Top B2B apps for your Miva merchant store:

Orange Manager

A shipping and order management app that helps you streamline order processing and shipping logistics.

It offers integration with multiple carts or channels such as Amazon FBA, Etsy, eBay, etc. and allows you to choose from a variety of shipping providers. It also offers built-in customer service and inventory support.

The app has basic tax reporting and integrates with TaxJar. It also supports refund processing and allows you to use multiple drop shippers or warehouses for inventory and fulfillment.

Price: free for the first 30 days and 60 or fewer monthly orders.

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This app allows you to offer real-time customer service and online support on your Miva store via live chat. 

You can combine the live chat feature with support desk functionalities to improve customer satisfaction, as well as customize greetings and apply different themes to the chat window to create an on-brand customer experience.

Besides the real-time live chat feature that both your customer care and sales teams can use to communicate with visitors, the app also offers functions such as website monitoring and CSS customization capabilities.

Price: starts at $16.00/month.

Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards

Build customer loyalty, maximize repeat sales frequency, and boost customer lifetime value by implementing an omnichannel loyalty rewards program with this app.

The loyalty reward program can be deployed across desktop, mobile, and in-store environments for seamless customer experience. It allows you to set custom rules, build sophisticated reward scenarios, and customize loyalty programs so you can maximize user engagement while offering flexible reward options to maximize margins.

The app also provides detailed analytics to help you design and fine-tune your promotional strategies.

Price: contact support for plans and pricing.

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Easy Account

Remove friction in the checkout process and optimize conversion rates by allowing first-time customers to create an account after they have completed their transactions. This can help reduce cart abandonment rate by allowing guest checkout.  

New customers can set up their accounts simply by entering a password at the end of the checkout process so they can take advantage of being a registered user, e.g., check order status and history, receive frequent shopper promotions, process returns, etc. The current purchase will be automatically associated with the new account.

Price: $84.88 one-time purchase.

Wholesale Pricing Integration

This app allows customers to see their negotiated or assigned pricing after they have logged into your Miva store.

You can set up an unlimited number of price lists to deliver a highly-personalized customer experience. You can also set volume pricing to increase the average order value (AOV) and offer special pricing to frequent buyers -- thereby improving loyalty and encouraging them to purchase more so you can increase customer lifetime value.

Price: $379.99 one-time purchase.

B2B Tax Exempt

Provide tax exemption to eligible customers that have valid tax IDs and streamline the purchasing process by zeroing all the tax amount at checkout.

The app can save customers' login and tax ID so you can use the information to determine eligibility (which isn't part of the app's functionality.) The tax IDs can be saved in the customers' profiles so they'll be automatically populated at checkout.

Price: $22 one-time purchase.


This is an eCommerce automation software that integrates online marketplace or shopping carts with NetSuite and 3PLs to help effectively manage multiple electronic channels for product sales and distribution.

It streamlines the process of synchronizing your product and transaction data with other software applications. You can set up data-mapping configurations for each sales channels and automatically synch up product and transaction information among all your systems.

Price: Approximately $225/month, contact the seller to get a custom quote.

 image-2-1Image source

Zonos Checkout plugin for MIVA

As more B2B companies are doing business globally, it's important that your eCommerce website can deliver a seamless purchasing experience to international customers.

This cloud-based software allows you to stay up-to-date with duties and taxes (landed cost), foreign exchange rates, restrictions, and more. 

You can display local currency and language for each individual customer, get accurate international shipping rates, process foreign payments, and manage global compliance. You can also display customized messaging and send abandoned cart email with the app.

Price: starting from $166.25 per month.

Ekomi Integration

Leverage the power of social proof by integrating your Miva online store with the eKomi system, which allows you to collect verified reviews, display them on your website, and get your seller ratings on Google to build credibility and increase conversion rates.

The app allows you to collect reviews, manage reviews (e.g., monitor for terms not allowed and tag negative reviews for moderation,) and publish reviews on search engines (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo.)

It supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, and Polish.

Price: Free.


This app automates sales tax calculations, reporting, and filings for your Miva online store.

It instantly prepares sales tax reports for any state and calculates the amount of taxes for each city or county. You can also enroll in Autofile so you don't have to spend time on filing sales tax manually.

Price: starts from $17/month.


Providing different payment options can attract more B2B customers, increase your conversion rate, reduce cart abandonment, boost average order value (AOV), increase purchasing frequency, improve customer loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value. 

Apruve allows you to extend net terms to business buyers without taking on any risk. Your buyers will have 30 days to make their payments while you'll get paid for the orders in just 24 hours. You can now extend net terms to customers without worrying about credit approvals, collections, payments, or cash flow.

More than 40% of B2B transactions globally are facilitated through net terms and catering to such customer expectation will help you attract more buyers. In fact, B2B merchants using Apruve experience a 2.2 multiplier of order frequency and 3.3 times the amount of line items compared to credit card purchases.

Price: SaaS subscription fee + transaction fee, based on order volume. Contact seller for a quote.

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Miva is a powerful eCommerce platform for B2B merchants. By using the right apps for your Miva online store, you can further enhance customer experience, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty.

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