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Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

Top Benefits and Ideas for Using Trophies in the Office

Everyone likes getting appreciated for the great things being done.Getting recognized for something is a boost in our confidence.

In the workplace, rewards are things that help manage the output of each employee. Trophies and awards are not just something to be put on display but are useful tools that help boost the progress rate of a company.

Office Trophy Award

Here are other examples of the use of awards in the workplace:


Employee Recognition

Employees work hard every day to comply with the tasks that need to get done.

Working 8-hour on a day-to-day basis can be very draining for a lot of people. It could lead to unhappiness, which could then lead to a decline in productivity.

A little appreciation for the work they exert for the company is absolutely a welcome treat.

Awards could help in retaining the exceptional employees. When you recognize them for their hard work and contributions for the company, they’ll feel like they’re an essential part of the team.

Trophy RcognitionSource

Recognition boosts their morale, and motivates them to stay much longer in the company. Awards may even encourage other employees to go the extra mile so they can get rewards too. 

In a survey conducted by Robert Half, it revealed that there were actually several drivers behind employee happiness and one of these is feeling appreciated.

About 79% of the respondents believed that along with a harmonious employee to employer relationship, sense of pride in work, and practice of fairness and respect, employee recognition is a critical ingredient to employee happiness.


Establishing Credibility 

Have you ever noticed doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals displaying their diplomas in the office where patients can see them?

Trophies in the officeThis is due to the fact that these certificates and trophies help in gaining the trust of the patients.

When they look at the degree certification, they would think “This person could be a trustworthy doctor” or “I can trust him. His expertise seems legit.” It helps the patients entrust their concerns to the medical professional.

In any workplace, displaying the awards and certifications you’ve received lets people know that you’re good at what you are doing.

It means that you have been recognized as someone who excels in your field. It shows that you have been educated and are qualified to do your services.

And while earning awards can be beneficial for small and startup businesses, this doesn’t mean that you should associate your business with any award-giving bodies.

Doing this can be risky for your business. Remember that not all trophies are created equal. So if you want to build credibility, scout for award-giving bodies which are established and well-known in your business’s niche. These awards can provide exposure to your business - and as much as possible, you’d want this exposure to come in a positive way.


Showing Significance 

There are a million other people out there who can do the same things you can do.

When you get a call for a job interview and when you show up on the day, there are usually other people waiting to get interviewed for the same job that you’ve applied for.

The trophies you’ve had in the past can become your edge. You can highlight the skills which earned you that trophy the moment the interviewer throws in that famous “tell me about yourself” question. Your memorabilias aren’t just indications that you’re able to accomplish particular tasks; they mean that you’ve actually excelled in doing something others can’t.

When you’re qualified and lucky enough to have been chosen instead of the other applicants, it’s time for you to show them that they made the right choice.

Work hard and ensure the quality of your work.

If you aren’t able to meet the needs of the company, they have plenty of people lined up to replace you. However, if you do a great job and get recognition because of it, it will show how you’re such an essential part of the company.

Your boss will recognize your exceptional contributions and will keep you a part of the team.


Building A Good Reputation

You’ve heard of those award-giving bodies like the Oscar Awards, Tony Awards, American Music Awards, and many others.

Well, these are recognition for artists who’ve excelled in their art.

A lot of these awards are voted on by people and authorities in their field. Popularity helps in winning these awards but skill also goes a long way. 

Let’s say you own a restaurant or cafe and you display an award recognizing you as a favorite in something like “Favorite Seafood Restaurant” or maybe even “Serves the Best Cheeseburgers in Town”, it lets people know that the majority of the people like what you serve.

Your business name will also get recognized, and people will remember you.

If a lot of people remember you, it builds good reputation, and word-of-mouth is one way of having free advertising.

Trophies to drive word of mouth marketingSource

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies - and with 92% of customers relying on their friends and family’s recommendations, you might want to speed up earning those awards.


Attracting More People

Certifications, trophies and awards give validation to the work you do.

It shows that you’re great at what you do and it means you’re credible with positive reputation among others in your field.

For a business, the reputation helps in driving people to you. Whether it's for employees or clients and customers, a trophy or an award can spark their interest.

How people will talk about your business can make or break your chances of gaining and retaining customers.

If the general public sees your business as someone who genuinely cares about their customers, you can expect that your customer base will increase over time.

But if your business is known to be someone who’s mediocre and rude, the road towards success might come off tougher. 

When you’ve established a good reputation, people will get drawn to you. It’ll make them think that you’re an excellent place to work and grow in their chosen career fields.

They’ll believe that working for your business will help them succeed in their careers. For clients and customers, it attracts them because they’ve built trust on the basis that you’re recognized as great or exceptional.



No matter what field you’re in, trophies are assets to the company. They show off professionalism, expertise, trustworthiness, and good reputation.

These awards also help in boosting the morale, productivity, and confidence of the employees. You can hold an award-giving event once a year in your company.

It will be a great way to lift off some of the work stress and give your employees some time to have fun and let loose.


What are the benefits of office trophies?

  1. Employee Recognition
  2. Establishing Credibility 
  3. Showing Significance 
  4. Building A Good Reputation
  5. Attracting More People

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