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Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

The Top 5 Marketing Attribution Software

When it comes to content marketing, it is important to ensure that every action taken adds value to the company. There are many companies that spend money on digital marketing campaigns, print media, and publishing media without attaining any results in the end. It is paramount to ensure that every action results in a positive outcome.

What Is Marketing Attribution Software?

Attribution software is mainly used by companies to determine the effect of actions during events, touch points or contribute to the success of the sales and marketing process. All the efforts undertaken by the company to push for brand awareness, product promotion, and all the advertisements for selling products are looked at with critical analysis of the data over time. An attribution software dissects the marketing model and helps you pull down the shortcomings of your model in order to optimize profits and decrease expenditure.

There are many attribution software out there to choose from. However, not all software can offer the results needed. You need attribution software that answers to the custom needs of your firm. Software that can be applied to your, local market area and solve digital marketing problems affecting your niche. You must choose an attribution software that has been proved to offer the best attribution model for firms in the rank. Credit distribution within a firm depends on the financial muscle and profit estimates of the firm. While large firms may not have a problem assigning a large portion of their revenue to the market, medium and small firms still have to work with a limited budget.

Here is a list of the 5 best attribution software in the market:

1. Bizible

Bizible is one of the best attribution software in the market. This software tracks all your digital marketing efforts right from keyword performance to online conferencing. Every action you take is monitored and the app gives you insight on how to optimize your sales and reach the target market. Bizible operates on the principle of data analysis with the aim of attaining the set sales and marketing goal. This app unifies consumer data with the set marketing strategy to provide the final desired sales results.

2. FunnelWise

This is another great marketing attribution tool. FunnelWise uses funnel intelligence to optimize the performance of sales and marketing through actionable insight. FunnelWise offers complete funnel intelligence helping you monitor sales funnel processes, understand the framework better, forecast and predicting the funnel to set goals and intelligence marketing among others. The FunnelWise software can be used by all entrepreneurs who wish to set up sales pages or sales funnels to boost sales and revenue. FunnelWise ensures that every penny of your investment is utilized accordingly and results in profits.

3. Google Attribution

 Google attribution was designed to help those using Google ads. However, Google attribution software goes beyond just using Google ads. This software helps you track down the performance of your marketing campaigns through all devices and platforms. Google attribution uses a data-driven machine learning approach to determine how you distribute your credit. Since Google is the largest search engine, attribution collects data based on the interaction of Adwords, keywords,  third-party products among others to help you make the best choices.

4. Visual IQ

Visual IQ combines its audience data analysis with attribution measurements to provide insight into marketing. This platform uses inter and intra-channel optimization to drive the accessible campaigns for the goal of maximizing income. This tool is the only attribution tool that combines the power of attribution and audience data to offer a fully exclusive insight into the sales and marketing advertisement. Visual IQ also pays keen attention to the effect of content, type of content, quality of customwritings com and the ad structure as a whole on every campaign. 

5. LeadsRX

This is the ultimate attribution software for small and medium businesses. If you are trying to get a foothold in the market, this software will help you optimize your sales in a short time. The LeadsRX software provides insight on how to increase sales and entice more customers. It tracks down the performance of the stores based on ad spend and the performance of rival stores.  Every touch point along the customer journey is clearly mapped to give you even insight on what to do and when.



Setting up a sales and marketing campaign is one thing and making sales is a different thing. If you want to be successful in your venture, you must come to a point where you are ready to use data and AI to help you make informed marketing and budgeting decisions. The above attribution software will not only help you choose the right marketing model but will also help you reduce spending. By choosing the right software, you learn how to distribute credit based on consumer data and attribution. It is important to have attribution software that breaks down the metrics in simple terms.  Any of the above-mentioned software can help you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

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Jeff Blaylock is a digital marketer with interest in marketing product development. He has helped many SAS and online merchandise businesses rise from start to six figures. Through his experience as a marketer, Jeff helps upcoming business find their way through providing insightful marketing advice.

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