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What's holding CFOs back from digital finance initiatives


Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

Can you Digitally Transform a B2B Marketing Organization?

B2B marketing has changed a lot over the years. A big part of this is due to the rise of the digital age.

83% of B2B buyers do their research online. This means that B2B marketing organizations have to take steps to put themselves on the digital map in the modern era if they want to succeed.

To find this success, B2B marketing organizations need to reshape themselves. Simply adding digital media as a facet won’t work. For individuals and companies alike buying and selling has vastly moved online. This means that a B2B marketing organization needs to integrate digital marketing into the heart of their plans rather than just adding it on at the end.B2B Digital Marketing

Take Advantage of Real-Time Stats

When trying to keep track of the success of a B2B marketing organization, the use of the internet is imperative.

Traditionally, if a B2B marketing organization wanted to see if their product or service would be receptive, they would put together their own reports or run a focus group to predict results. Now, online tools allow these organizations to access real-time stats on how successful their marketing plan is. This allows B2B organizations to respond quickly to changes to their plan.

To put this into an example, in the past, a paper writing service might test their marketing strategy on a small focus group consisting of their target audience. They would then compare to their own research to see how well their products are being accepted.

In the digital age, they might still do these methods but they would be in tandem with online tools. The company can keep track of the traffic on their website to see how successful a marketing campaign might be. They could also monitor online comments to see how well received their products were and see how likely someone is to become a repeat customer.

Distribute Appropriate Content

Almost any company focused on online sales offers additional content along with their products or services.  As an example, consider the Essaypro service. This comes in several forms - the most popular options being blogs and video content.

Sales ProcessThe key here is that an organization needs to create content that tailors to every stage of the sales process. Whether a customer is researching, considering, or making the decision to purchase.

This content simply existing isn’t enough to draw customers in, though. After all, there are typically thousands to millions of results for any search query. However, most users don’t go past the first 5 results. In fact, a study in 2014 showed that 67% of all clicks on a search engine results page belonged within the first 5 results.

With this data in mind, B2B organizations need to take steps to climb up the rankings in a search engine.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the method used. This has to do with a series of factors including the use of keywords in your content and how long users stay on your website.

Use Peer-to-Peer Conversation as a Means of Communication

Social media has become a huge part of everyday life. Many B2C companies use it to reach customers on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

For B2B companies, these specific platforms might be less useful. There are, however, other platforms they can benefit from. LinkedIn, for example, is a great place for B2B organizations to find consumers and for consumers to find B2B organizations that fit their needs.

In the digital age, this form of communication is much more fruitful than cold calls or marketing emails.

For a successful social media marketing campaign, follow these steps:

B2B Social Media Strategy-01First, make the organization’s page look professional to stand out. There are more than 530 million user profiles on LinkedIn. If a business wants to be discovered on the platform, they have to stand out from the crowd. For example, a LinkedIn post that uses images is likely to have more comments while a post that includes links can have as much as a 200% higher engagement rate than a post without.

It’s also important to keep this page monitored. If customers are messaging a social media page and aren’t getting any response, this means a loss in sales, potentially a loss of a customer, and, most of all, that the social media page isn’t being used to its full extent.


All in all, B2B marketing organizations need to adapt to digitally transform and take advantage of it. Social media and SEO are a good start as well as taking advantage of the wealth of information and real-time statistics that the digital age has to offer.


How can you transform your B2B marketing organization?

  1. Real-time Stats
  2. Distribute Content
  3. Peer-to-Peer Conversation

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About the Author: Mary Hampton is a journalist from Tufts University and currently writes for the college newspaper and essaypro.com.

Topics: Sales & Marketing, blog

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