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Posted by Michael Noble - 12 January, 2022

Using Live Streaming for Your B2B Business Events

Within the past few years, video marketing for businesses has become a priority for B2B marketers. In a 2018 LinkedIn survey of B2B marketers from the UK and Ireland, 62 percent reported they believe video should be the most important type of content. And that's because audiences prefer video content.

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According to Google, 70 percent of B2B buyers and researchers watch videos throughout their journey in a sales funnel. This isn’t casual viewing, either. Google reports that close to half of these viewers are watching at least 30 minutes of video as they research B2B solutions, and around 20 percent will watch more than an hour of video content.

Average watch time of B2B related videos:

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There’s a growing preference for video content in general. HubSpot reports that 59 percent of business decision-makers would rather watch video content than read written content.

But what kind of videos should you be creating? Although webinars are still an effective way for marketers to connect with their ideal audiences (e.g., Wyzowl found 87 percent of those surveyed find webinars highly valuable), and newer technologies such as 360 video and Virtual Reality aren’t yet catching on, livestreaming is a form of video marketing that isn’t just for Instagram stories and highly paid influencers. An increasing number of B2B marketers are finding ways to use livestreaming to more authentically connect with prospective clients.

Why Livestreaming?

So why can livestreaming be a boon for your B2B business? Here are six reasons for you to consider.

  • A more relatable, authentic connection. You may be already using video marketing for your business, but most likely the videos are produced and edited. But livestreaming can help present a more human and relatable face.
  • A chance for interaction and feedbackYour audience can interact with you, giving you live feedback on what they like and don’t like, what they find surprising or upsetting. Instead of it being more of a one-sided experience, you can ask and answer audience questions.
  • Livestreaming is usually free. And compared to produced videos, livestreaming is typically free. Popular platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live allow you to livestream for no cost. As of this writing, LinkedIn is piloting live video broadcasting.
  • Easy to share on social media. Livestreaming on social media platforms are especially advantageous because the videos can be shared easily, both inside and outside of the platform. Your audience can help spread the word about your business with just a couple clicks.
  • Viewers will stick with a livestream longer. Compared to on-demand video, viewers will watch livestream videos for much longer — up to 8 times longer.
  • Livestreams can be repurposed into other kinds of content. You can repurpose livestreams for other kinds of content later. Livestreams can become pre-recorded videos through replays and by posting them on your blog or in your newsletter, among many other ideas.

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Be Prepared and Announce Early

As useful as livestreaming can be, you want to make sure that you’re properly prepared. And just like on-demand video, not everyone is cut out to be in front of the camera. You’ll want to use people who are comfortable with livestreaming or video — and even then, they should practice before they go live. 

You must also anticipate for some tech difficulties (e.g., losing a signal). So not only should your speakers be prepared, but your technology should be tested and prepped as well. 

Finally, you’ll want to let your audience know in advance when you’ll be livestreaming. You can build up anticipation on your social media channels so that it becomes a must-see event.

Not all live events work well for livestreaming, but here are six ideas to explore.

Speaking Events

If your CEO gives an annual address to the company, consider livestreaming it so that stakeholders who can’t attend, plus current and prospective clients, can hear from your company’s leader directly. 

Livestreaming can also be used for an industry event where the CEO or another company leader gives a keynote address or is a part of a panel. Livestreaming events like these help your audience feel like they’re a part of something special and exclusive.

Conferences and Industry Trade Shows

If you go to several conferences and trade shows every year, take your audience with you. For example, you can give them an exclusive look at your booth before and after the event. You can also show them where you’ll be and invite them to stop by. By giving viewers access to your business outside of the office and among other industry leaders, you'll gain credibility while giving them a glimpse at your industry's trends and innovations.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Take your audience on a behind-the-scenes look of your company, introducing them to the people who make your business run. By meeting the people who help create your services or products, your audience will get to know your business and products in a more intimate and meaningful way.

Product or Service Debut and Demos

Launching a new product or service? A livestream event can be a great way to debut it. You can go into detail about the specifications, pricing, and availability. You can also demo your product or service live while answering questions.

Instructional Videos

You can create how-to videos which walk your viewers step-by-step through a new or updated service. And, like with all your livestream videos, this can be evergreen content that you can keep on your website or have a part of your FAQ page.

Q&A Sessions

Your business probably answers the same questions frequently, and a livestream Q&A can address those questions, with your leadership team, the CEO, or another staff member. This is not only a way to help your clients with their questions but it’s also another way to humanize your business and show you care.

Effective livestreaming will take some practice and planning, but over time, your business can get a significant boost in overall brand awareness.


  • Using video for your marketing tactics, is a rising trend among so many marketers today
  • Live Streaming is a great option for video marketers who are looking to engage with their audience and new customers
  • You can show demos, live stream live events or trade shows, do Q&A’s and many other things to really spark interest within online users
  • You can use live streaming to your discretion, and really make it something that is tailored to your business
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