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7 off-page SEO tactics for B2B Marketing


Posted by Jack Dsouja - 11 August, 2020

The Beginners Guide to B2B Marketing Strategies

Online promotion of B2B companies is beneficial to the business if the creation of an advertising campaign takes into account a number of features. These should relate to both business objectives and buyer needs. B2B companies can successfully introduce themselves on the Internet and find new customers, intermediaries, and partners online. What is more, thanks to a competent marketing strategy, large enterprises can also improve the existing image of the company and increase its recognition. So how can B2B businesses make their online presence useful and profitable?

Objectives of the Online B2B Promotion

Online marketing strategy

Company promotion in social networks requires a clear goal setting and understanding the rules of the game. It is like using Bestvpnrating - you decide what service to use and already know what you will get back from it. Based on the final goal, you should clearly understand what you want to achieve.

Possible goals you might have:

  • increase brand awareness;
  • create the desired image of the company;
  • analyze the needs and preferences of your target audience;
  • form a potential brand and product opinion.

To understand how far you go with your online promotion, there is a set of specific indicators for you:

  • The influx of customers;
  • Presentation and distribution of new products;
  • Market research;
  • Sales growth.

How to Promote Your B2B Company on the Internet

Every marketer knows about the importance of the official website - quality, informative, and SEO-minded. If a user does not find your contact information and the cost of services or goods online, he will most probably go to your competitors and order a product/ services from them. The presence of the website will help to find customers on the Internet.

And in order for the site to bring the maximum value to you, it must be optimized for search engines in terms of its structure and content. In this regard, marketing should concern both SEO-promotion and additional services that increase the usability of the resource. The latter include different forms to fill out (email-list, application), widgets, and online chat consultant.

Content Marketing

marketing strategy

Create the necessary information field for your purposes, for example, maintain a blog on the site. Useful tips, guides, question-answer sessions - experiment with types of content marketing and do not be afraid to promote yourself. For example, if your company specializes in freight, share with the readers the features of the process, publish photos, customer reviews. If you work with ecommerce security, post cases that not only emphasizes the professionalism of your team but will also be interesting to the reader.

E-mail Marketing

Unlike spam, email marketing is a legal and effective strategy for business promotion. The site visitor reads the email and receives valuable information about your products, updates, promotions, and events. Personalized messages or letters that come under the condition that a user performs certain actions may contain useful information and be educational. For example, if you are launching a new design, sending out emails to your customers with step-by-step practical recommendations will work perfectly for this purpose.

Viral Advertising

You shoot an interesting and catchy video with an advertising message that you distribute on the Internet. So you initiate the viral process - as a result, users of websites and social networks distribute the video, share it, and upload it to other platforms, provided that the video is bright and interesting. This strategy is very effective for reaching the recognition of your brand.

Context Advertising

The ad is shown only to those users who have similar interests or coincide with the subject of the promoted service or product. Contextual advertising is divided into thematic and search related. In both cases, the advertisement is aimed at users who are potentially interested in your product or service.

Media Advertising

b2b marketing


Differently from animated and static images, video content is easier to remember and can become a great instrument for retargeting. Thus, media advertising of B2B companies is placed on portals with similar topics, in the framework of such interaction mutual PR is also possible.

Proper Planning

A carefully thought-out marketing strategy is very important since you need your own tools and action plan for solving specific goals. A pre-planned advertising campaign will protect you in part because any promotion error can cost you a lot: losing a client or missing a successful cooperation offer is a bad deal for B2B and not B2C companies. It is somehow similar to using a VPN - you may make a mistake, but you will still be protected.


A well-thought-out plan will allow you to respond flexibly to external factors. For example, creating a posting plan for social networks, you get content in advance. Thus, you will have time to create “situational posts”  and maintain interest in your company.

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