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Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

Social Media Platforms For Your B2B Lead Gen

More and more businesses are leveraging the lead generating potential of social media sites. While social media accounts were originally developed for connecting and bringing people together, its use as a business tool is also fast becoming the norm. For businesses, these social media platforms offer a potential source for B2B leads making them essential in any lead generation strategy. It is estimated that almost 87 percent of B2B companies utilize social media as one of the lead generation strategies with many of them using multiple social media platforms to accomplish this. If you’re a company searching for a great B2B lead generation strategy, below are simple tips for helping you build those connections.

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Select the Right Social Media Platform

With the popularity of social media, there’s simply no shortage of social media platforms to choose from. However, the key to leveraging the benefits of social media for B2B lead generation is to identify which of these platforms works best for you.

Initial research into all the available social media platforms should be done to identify which one best suit your B2B lead generation needs. To help you identify the most effective strategy for your B2B lead generation efforts, below are the best social media platforms you could utilize:


With almost 1.3 billion users daily, nobody can deny the lead generating potential of this social media platform. It can be used to build new connections and you could even build your personal page to start promoting business. The numbers are out and more than 70 percent of B2B marketers use Facebook for their marketing efforts.  


An image is worth a thousand words, and with its roots as a photo-sharing platform, the ability to share visually striking images and your design inspiration with potential B2B partners can be tricky. Combined with a catchy caption with no word limit and a hashtag for easy searchability, some businesses have started exploring its B2B lead generation capabilities.


A social media platform that’s close to any professional’s heart. A definite must for any business hoping to generate B2B leads. Perfect for anyone with a business mindset hoping to create new, meaningful connections.

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This could prove to be quite a challenge with its character limit for messaging. But if done correctly, it could also be the easiest since you could also easily share some images and links along with a short “tweet.” The home of the “hashtag,” it is quickly becoming a serious social media platform for lead generation with more than 30 percent of B2Bs reporting an increase in customers.


What’s better than images? Videos. This social media platform thrives by helping people instantly share videos. Build your B2B lead generation projects using eye-catching videos and presentations or leverage the powerful marketing tool with YouTube’s paid advertising service.

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Build Your Connections

Social media, think Facebook, for example, was built for connecting people and creating new relationships. With the right social media strategy, businesses could easily build their reputation and increase brand awareness. To fully realize the marketing and lead generation potential of any social media platform the first order of the day is to build your connections. Start with providing useful content and promote it with friends and colleagues. Don’t just go reaching out to people. When creating new connections be sure that you are first able to exude a business that is genuinely professional.

Building new connections can be tricky especially for new businesses. To gain traction, you must first be proactive in acquiring these connections. You could first follow those considered as industry leaders or persons of authority in your niche. You could also actively engage in communities or leave well-placed comments, share their content or be contributors on other people’s post. Through this, you could slowly build your reputation and get people to visit your social media platforms.

Maximize your Social Media Platform’s Capabilities

Identifying the best platform and creating your social media profile is one thing. But to get the most out of your B2B lead generation, you must be able to tap the full lead generating potential of each social media platform you use. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter contain special features that make them ideal for lead generation. Simple things that you could use include hashtags, Twitter cards, Facebook live-streaming, and special groups. 

Business who do have the financial resources can leverage Facebook Ads to quickly generate traction in the lead generation efforts. You could take advantage of the detailed information database which gives you an insight into potential leads. You could also utilize its Facebook Business page to build a more professional presence.

LinkedIn is a must have for any professional and a must for any B2B lead generation using social media. To generate interest in your business, the first step is to establish yourself as an expert or leader in your niche. This does not only make lead generation easier but also makes you a magnet, making new connections also automatic. Creating your company’s LinkedIn page is critical when you are planning to leverage social media for lead generation. Optimize your page for search and constantly update your content to help build your presence.

Twitter is fast becoming a favorite among professionals planning to generate B2B leads. It certainly is one of the easiest tools to use for connecting with other businesses in your industry. Twitter has also become a great source for news and enables you to quickly use content to generate interest in your profile.

Cross Promotion

In order to fully realize the B2B lead generation potential of social media, creating a business profile across several social media platforms is essential. This gives you the best chance of connecting with other B2Bs by letting you cast a “bigger net” for catching new prospects. One problem with doing this strategy is creating content for every account. The answer is to share the content or cross promote.

Creating multiple social media profiles increases your footprint which gives you a larger audience. Post an image at Instagram and share the same image at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It is a great way of updating your content across all platforms without having to spend countless hours creating new content for each profile. By constantly creating new content, it also gives your connections the opportunity to interact or comment on your posts.

By cross-promoting content on all your social media platforms, you are also able to create a single voice. This helps build your brand and build credibility which is essential when reaching out to other businesses.

Promote your Social Media Accounts on your own Website

Optimize your social media efforts by actively displaying your social media sites on your website. This gives your visitors an easier way of locating your social media accounts. Same goes for your social media profiles. Create links or actively promote your site on your social media accounts. It’s all about bringing all your efforts together.


  • Picking the right platforms to leverage your lead generation is the first step in building a solid social media identity
  • You should build connections with customers and potential customers by creating engaging content that is easily shareable
  • Understand that each platform operates differently and you need to maximize the capabilities of each individual platform
  • Take your time to craft what your social media plans and the lead generation will come

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