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Why Medical Distributors Need Digital Transformation

Many medical distributors and wholesalers are struggling to keep up with the new generation of B2B buyers who expect vendors to meet them where they're at -- in the digital space.

As more and more B2B buyers are doing their research and interacting with brands online before they engage with sales, it's important that you have your digital channels dialed in to capture prospects at the early stages of the purchasing process.

Digital need in the medical field

Today's B2B buyers are willing to pay more for a seamless customer experience. They want the ability to engage with vendors via digital channels so they can place orders and manage their accounts whenever and wherever they want.

These customers demand a holistic digital experience that can no longer be met by simply putting a widget here or running a campaign there. 

In addition, many business and marketing operations are increasingly data- and technology-driven. The required technological solutions are often intertwined. You can't implement them in a piecemeal manner if you want to maximize their impact and your ROI.

For medical distributors, digital transformation is the key to staying competitive by keeping your business operations and marketing strategies current. 

Modern B2B Selling Is Omnichannel

B2B buyers want to be able to communicate with suppliers on any platform of their choice and have a seamless experience even when they switch channel during an interaction.

To deliver an outstanding omnichannel customer experience, you need to manage all your customer touchpoints as an ecosystem of online and offline channels. 

This often requires an overhaul of how sales and marketing is structured within the organization to adopt a customer-centric model supported by a centralized customer database.

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In addition, buyers want to control their purchasing journey. B2B sellers can empower customers by sharing informative and relevant content through various channels and in different formats.

This presents a great opportunity for medical distributors to create valuable content that helps customers stay current on the latest development in medical supplies and position yourself as a resourceful ally.

To support the distribution and tracking of digital content, you need a system that collects data on how prospects interact with your content so you can deliver the most relevant experience in the right place at the right time to maximize results.

Modern B2B Transactions Are Seamless

If you make your customers jump through hoops just to pay you, they'd just go to your competitors.

Today's B2B buyers expect the seamless integration of different payment options and methods and the ability to manage their orders online from anywhere at any time without having to pick up the phone.

You need an eCommerce platform that not only has robust account management functionalities but also integrates with your warehouse and fulfillment software to provide real-time inventory updates and delivery status to your customers.

Besides online data, you can also leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform business operations and customer service. 

For example, the use of sensors and Internet-enabled machines gives you the opportunity to integrate demand forecasting with your supply chain so you can effectively manage inventory. This is particularly important for medical distributors that handle products with a limited shelf-life so you can avoid overstocking.

Modern B2B Companies Are Data-Driven

The use of data and analytics is driving the success of today's largest and most successful corporations.

And it's not just about collecting customer information. In order to leverage the power of data, you need the ability to extract actionable insights from the information you have available.

Digital transformation involves the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics that help businesses derive insights and implement strategies that will increase efficiency, drive innovations, and enable better decision-making.

AI is also the key to delivering a personalized sales experience that drives profits and increases customer lifetime value. 

From identifying prospects and nurturing leads to automating messaging and delivering on-site personalization, AI and machine learning can augment customer experience and generate more sales.

For example, by analyzing historical data, browsing behaviors, and market trends, AI can help companies deliver the most relevant content, offer, and product recommendations to individual stakeholders involved in the decision-making process -- which is the key to implementing a successful account-based marketing strategy.

By analyzing data and predicting customer demands, you can further delight your customers by suggesting innovative products and solutions that they may not be aware of.

Modern B2B Marketing Is Automated

The use of marketing automation technologies has revolutionized the B2B marketing process. 

It allows marketers to leverage a large amount of data and deliver the most relevant information to expedite the conversion process without losing the personal touch that's essential for building trust and relationships.

Marketing automation helps sales and marketing teams shorten the often lengthy B2B sales cycle by delivering the right content or offer in the right place at the right time to facilitate the buyer's journey.

Marketing automation technologies, when combined with omnichannel marketing tools and predictive analytics, also helps B2B marketers evaluate their prospects more effectively (e.g., lead scoring) so they can pass high-quality leads to sales teams in a timely manner to close more deals.

The integration of information and technologies has made automation possible on many levels. From understanding customer data to personalizing marketing content and delivering outstanding post-sale support, it provides a holistic platform that ties everything together.


Digital Transformation For Medical Distributors

To successfully implement a digital transformation strategy, you need to understand the competitive landscape.

And we've done the legwork for you.

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