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7 off-page SEO tactics for B2B Marketing


Posted by Jack Dsouja - 11 August, 2020

WordPress: Good Content Management System for Small Business?

WordPress is a simple and popular means of creating a blog or website. It helps power several websites on the Internet. This open-source content management online system is authorized under GPLv2, meaning site owners, including small businesses, can use and modify the WordPress software. Also, these changes and usage are possible without paying a cent. Continue reading to know more about how WordPress is an ideal platform for your small enterprise’ blog or site.

Cost Efficiency

If you don’t have an in-house graphics and web designer, you need a third-party solution to develop your site. It will cost money, but the site will help your company flourish in the long-term. Website designs like this will help your company bring in more customers from the Internet.

As the owner of a startup company, you may need to save as much money in your company’s budget as possible. WordPress may help you save money in this regard. If you can't afford a website with all the bells and whistles, a simple online presence may aid in generating extra income for your business.

WordPress has a list of free themes you can use. Paid themes exist, which look better than their free counterparts. Nonetheless, if your business is in a tight budget at the moment, the free designs are a good stepping stone.

Mobile design

Ease of Use

WordPress is a favorite site-building platform for many small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). Even large corporations have websites running on WordPress. While this platform still has competitors like Drupal or Joomla, many companies prefer WordPress over other site builders.

This site-construction platform eliminates the need to master web development languages like HTML, CSS, and PHP, though the knowledge of these programming languages will still help in the creation of your website. Nonetheless, it’s not an urgent requirement, and you can use the available tools from the beginning to start building your business’ website.

You may even choose to use templates from other WordPress users around the Internet. Another option is to work with a professional web developer to help your business increase website conversions.

Fit for Any Business

Versatility is a remarkable trait of WordPress. Site owners coming from different industries and niches can use the platform for their specific needs. You can create a site for your small business that sells coffee, laptops, massage services, and many more.

It’s possible to create a fully-functioning website for any business with the help of this online platform. Create inner pages for your business’ products, services, contact page, and other relevant pieces of information you wish to share with your target audience.

If you need a particular function for your WordPress site, there are plug-ins available for download from various online sources. Plugins have free and paid options, and it’s an ideal choice to spend a bit of your time searching for these extra features.

A Strong Online Support Community

Site developers from all over the world gather in different online locations to help one another in answering each other’s WordPress-related questions. This site builder is also famous for its excellent online support system.

Millions of active users that range from beginners to skilled developers have discussions in the WordPress forums. For example, if you have a problem with a particular plug-in, chances are a person had already tangled with the site extension in the past. This individual may have a solution to your question, or perhaps will tell you it doesn’t work.

Again, you don’t need to spend a single cent to gain access to this online community. If you’re having difficulties with your WordPress site, you may want to consult the forums first before hiring an experienced web developer. In doing so, it may help you save your small business from spending hundreds to thousands of dollars in web development services.


The world is now living in an age wherein people tend to use their smartphones more than their desktop computers. It’s imperative that your small business tries to reach potential customers through their mobile devices. Numerous WordPress themes and plug-ins are mobile-ready and responsive.

You don’t want your leads, prospects, and site visitors to have a difficult time navigating through your website when they’re using their phone. User experience is one of the vital elements of a successful sales conversion. Create a strong mobile presence with the help of WordPress to help complete a fulfilling consumer experience through your website.

Scalable Throughout the Life of Your Business

Numerous people thought of the WordPress platform as a blog builder. Already, numerous individuals use it to create any site they desire. The combination of a robust open-source community and versatile themes helps develop a scalable website to aid in the numerous tasks of your online business.

WordPress extension developers may continuously update their plug-ins to benefit websites. These patches may range from security updates to error corrections. Therefore, you don’t have to continually look for various solutions should the plug-in you use to develop bugs through time. You may have to wait for a few hours to a few days. It may even take a few months for the patch to complete.

If you’re wondering why it may take a long time to complete an update, individual developers aren’t working with a team. These WordPress devs may only have themselves to rely on when developing extensions.

SEO-Friendly Features

Several WordPress plug-ins come with SEO-friendly functionalities, wherein the acronym stands for search engine optimization. Don’t forget about SEO for WordPress when designing the site for your small business. Equally, if you don’t use extensions, WordPress already comes with the essential tools to enhance the search engine crawl-ability of your website.

The use of H tags, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Image Alt Texts are within WordPress’ core framework. You can equally access these features with a few clicks.

One of the reasons for establishing a startup company is business growth. A static website will only get you so far in trying to convert visitors into long-term customers. WordPress helps in keeping up with the growth of your small business through its versatile and scalable features.

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